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Small Group Reading With Multilingual Learners

Small Group Reading With Multilingual Learners
Differentiating Instruction in 20 Minutes a Day

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July 2023 | 248 pages | Corwin

Watch multilingual students excel with high-engagement reading lessons

Students acquiring English tend to bust every stereotype. The truth is, these learners come to school with linguistic assets, not deficits. They will excel with lively, just-right challenge lessons, and they thrive with opportunities to collaborate with peers. In this authoritative resource, bestselling author Nancy Akhavan shows teachers how to support students at the small-group table in acquiring English as well as developing as readers—simultaneously. Ready-to-go tools include:

  • Essential background on the five stages of language acquisition
  • How-tos for differentiating instruction based on students’ levels of language proficiency as well as their reading proficiency
  • Lesson sequences integrating oral language, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, word work, comprehension, and writing about reading
  • Routines that augment talk about texts so multilingual learners can verbalize their knowledge and articulate thinking
  • A companion website and multimodal scaffolds to support students across reading, writing, speaking, and listening

When we gather at the reading table, we have just twenty minutes—we need to make it count. Now we can.

Introduction: An Abundance Mindset for Language Learning
Chapter 1: How Students Learn Languages
Chapter 2: Apprenticeship Experiences in Small Groups
Chapter 3: A Menu of Options for Powerful Routines
Chapter 4: Lesson Sequences
Chapter 5: Oral Language Development
Chapter 6: Phonics & Spelling
Chapter 7: Vocabulary
Chapter 8: Word Work
Chapter 9: Comprehension
Chapter 10: Writing to Build Reading


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ISBN: 9781071904145