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SAGE Backfile Packages

• Subscription • Content ownership • Flexible lease and purchase options

  • Electronic access to more than 607 peer-reviewed journal backfiles (over 851,000 articles)
  • Content ownership with upgrade opportunities and a minimal hosting fee
  • Coverage through the last issue of 1998 back to volume one, issue one* (content from 1999 to present included with a SAGE Premier subscription)

Need more incentives?

  • Save shelf space and the cost of supporting a print collection of journals in your physical library
  • Save time by allowing end users to access content anywhere, with flexible searching, browsing, and alerting capabilities

*At present, SAGE has located and provided 98% of the overall expected volume of backfile issues on SAGE Journals.

Backfile Packages

Deep Backfile 2019

Access to 607 journal backfiles, encompassing over 851,000 articles

SAGE Deep Backfile 2019 Titles

New Titles Added to SAGE Deep Backfile 2019

SAGE Humanities and Social Sciences Deep Backfile 2019

Discover 465 journal backfiles from the leading publisher in social science

SAGE Humanities and Social Sciences Deep Backfile Title List 2019


SAGE Science, Technology, and Medicine Deep Backfile Packages 2019

Discover 232 journal backfiles SAGE publishes in science, technology, and medicine

bstm19-7000015401_deep_backfile_stm_2019_list.xlsxSAGE Science, Technology, and Medicine Deep Backfile Titles 2019

This package is also available in two smaller packages:

Health Sciences Deep Backfile: 186 journal backfiles

Health Sciences Deep Backfile Titles 2019

Clinical Medicine Deep Backfile: 119 journal backfiles

Clinical Medicine Deep Backfile Titles 2019


Backfile Subject Collections:

SAGE Shallow Backfile Package

This content ownership opportunity will complete your collection of SAGE content, offering articles published between 1999 and 2009 for over 817 journals.

SAGE Shallow Backfile Titles 2019

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