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Retail Marketing Management

Retail Marketing Management
The 5 Es of Retailing

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December 2018 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In this new text, Dhruv Grewal, a leading Professor of Marketing and Retailing, explores the complexities of the contemporary retail environment by drawing on what he refers to as the 5 Es of retailing:

- Entrepreneurial, innovative and customer-centric mindset
- Excitement
- Education
- Experience
- Engagement

These are illustrated using a wide range of examples such as Tesco, Kroger, Zara, Wholefoods, Groupon, and Amazon. Together, the framework and examples enable readers to navigate today’s challenging retail environment made up of social media, retailing analytics and online and mobile shopping. Retail Marketing Management is essential reading for students of retailing and marketing, as well as practitioners working in retail today.

Chapter 1: The Innovative Retailer
Chapter 2: The Entrepreneurial, Innovative, and Customer-Centric Mindset
Chapter 3: Value Creates Excitement
Chapter 4: Creating Excitement Using Store Brands
Chapter 5: Creating Excitement and Enhancing Education Using Social Media
Chapter 6: Education: The Service Edge
Chapter 7: Experience: In-Store, Across Channels
Chapter 8: Engaged Customers Are Loyal
Chapter 9: Innovative Retail Analytics for Engagement
Chapter 10: Concluding Thoughts


"Consolidation and technological change are two factors that have been central to the transformation of retailing in recent years. In this book Dhruv Grewal, the leading retail scholar provides ample evidence of how successful retailers have used their entrepreneurial mindsets to make use of these developments. The cutting-edge examples of how to excite, educate, enhance their experiences, and engage customers using retail technology, social media and analytics are both inspiring and practically useful. Grewal’s book provides valuable guidance."


Claes-Göran Sylvén, Roland Fahlin and Jens Nordfält
ICA Group and Bath University

“The practice of modern retailing has changed much more rapidly than our frameworks and managerial insights. Dhruv Grewal has presented us with a new organizing framework to shape our views of modern retailing and supports it with lots of interviews and examples from today’s retailing leaders.  For those who are working to shape the future of retailing, this book will serve as a must-read volume that will become a mandatory guidebook.”

Leonard A. Schlesinger
Harvard Business School

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