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Reshaping Fatherhood

Reshaping Fatherhood
The Social Construction of Shared Parenting

Volume: 12

July 1998 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`The book is based on audio-taped conversations with 18 couples, using well-recognized qualitative methodology. There is much to praise in the rigour with which this process was undertaken and the transparency with which it is reported. It points to a diversity of shared parenting styles, but also tyo a similarity between parents committed to sharing responsibility, in that they construct meaning as well as making practical arrangements collaboratively yet flexibly' - Family Practice

This qualitative study of 18 shared parenting couples explores men's and women's resourcefulness as they create together alternatives to traditional parenting patterns. Narrative accounts show a diversity of possible ways to organize family-life so both mothers and fathers can be active in parenting. The many strategies followed by these couples - including tag-team parenting, interchangeability of roles, and division of labour - share a flexibility which challenges the many researchers who are fixated on static models of gendered family life.

Academic Discourses
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fatherhood

Diversity of Styles in Sharing Parenting
Diversity of Paths
What Influenced Men and Women To Move toward Shared Parenting

Guiding Light
Foundations for Sharing Parenting

Tag-Team Parenting and the Mechanisms of Sharing Parenting
The Dance of Father Involvement
Men's and Women's Connected Experiences

Sharing Parenting and the Reciprocal Revisioning of Both Fatherhood and Motherhood
Reshaping Parenthood
Possibilities to Inform Alternative Discourse

Revisioning Dominant Discourses and Final Reflections
Implications of Taking a Different View


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