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Research Methodology

Research Methodology
A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Fifth Edition
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Research Methods (General)

January 2019 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Designed with students, for students and now shortlisted for the British Book Design and Production Awards 2019!

Eight steps, two pathways, one book. The Fifth Edition of the bestseller Research Methodology has reimagined, redesigned, and fully renovated how a textbook can help students achieve success in their methods course or research project.

Eight steps: Foolproof for any beginner researcher, the book breaks the process of designing and doing a research project into achievable stages. It delivers students from research problem to their written research report at the pace they need, with clear explanations, DIY tasks and study skills support. 

In a new landscape format it presents figures, models and visualizations elegantly, so they don't break over a page, making even complex concepts easier to understand.

Two pathways: With an innovative, beautiful design, regular progress checkpoints have been built into the book and its online resources. As students proceed through the 8 steps, each chapter provides regular opportunities for students to check understanding or give themselves a challenge. Each pathway then gives them the resources they need.

  • Confused? Stop, practise with quizzes and flashcards, or use a video to look at a concept a different way.
  • Up for a challenge? Access a wealth of additional material including research articles, readings, case studies, activities, bibliography tools and inspiration to pursue your curiosity, impress your lecturer, and nail your assignments.

With this one book, every student gets what they need to succeed. It is the perfect essential text for students and beginner researchers across the social sciences.


Chapter 1: Research: A Way of Thinking
Chapter 2: The Research Process: A Quick Glance
Step I: Formulating a Research Problem
Chapter 3: Reviewing the Literature
Chapter 4: Formulating a Research Problem
Chapter 5: Identifying Variables
Chapter 6: Constructing Hypotheses
Step II: Conceptualising a Research Design
Chapter 7: The Research Design
Chapter 8: Selecting a Study Design
Step III: Constructing an Instrument for Data Collection
Chapter 9: Selecting a Method of Data Collection
Chapter 10: Collecting Data Using Attitudinal Scales
Chapter 11: Establishing the Validity and Reliability of a Research Instrument
Step IV: Selecting a Sample
Chapter 12: Selecting a Sample
Step V: Writing a Research Proposal
Chapter 13: Writing a Research Proposal
Step VI: Collecting Data
Chapter 14: Considering Ethical Issues in Data Collection
Step VII: Processing and Displaying Data
Chapter 15: Processing Data
Chapter 16: Displaying Data
Step VIII: Writing a Research Report
Chapter 17: Writing a Research Report

Good book for beginner

Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA
December 15, 2023

This is an excellent resource on research methodology and very accessible for the students I teach.

Dr Peter Jennings
Social Work and Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University
March 1, 2021

This is an excellent book BUT this edition is HIDEOUS.

It is a weird shape and won't fit well on our library shelves. One of my students mentioned she keeps her's on the floor.

The text is at times pink on pink or blue on blue and the contrast is terrible - that's an accessibility issue.

On a more subjective note, the fonts and the neons look like someone was trying to be cool and trendy and it smacks of 'hello fellow kids'. Fire the graphic designer.

I have suggested that my students buy 4th eds used if possible as it looks like a grow-up book for adults, and will fit on a bookshelf, and is actually LEGIBLE especially if they have any eye issues, colour blindness or specific learning difficulties

Maire O'Sullivan
Marketing and International Business, Cork Institute of Technology
November 30, 2020

Standard classic text - appropriate for any level of study.
Excellent overview of concepts and terminology.

Mrs Philippa Quin
School of Nursing & Community Studies, Plymouth University
October 9, 2019

A colourful and easy to use text book which I think the students will enjoy.

Mrs Kay Brady
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Hull University
August 12, 2019

Fantastic research book. Very easy to read, well laid out and informative

Miss Katrina Roddy
Education, South Devon College
August 18, 2019

An extremely detailed yet accessible introduction to conducting and evaluating research in a variety of subjects. This is a really helpful resource for students and is presented in an engaging manner.

Mrs Suzi Smale
Psychology, Petroc College
July 18, 2019

I am no longer the course leader for this module but this is the best book on the market It is so well structured and very informative in an easier to read format than many other books on this topic

Mrs Joanne Tucker
Schl of Tourism,Hospitality & Leisure, University of West London
September 27, 2020

Great overview of research in a user friendly presentation, love the bright colours and unusual landscape layout.

Mrs Gemma Booth
School of Community Health and Midwifery, University of Central Lancashire
September 19, 2019

Love this book. Very useful to dip in an out of and is bright and engaging. Clearly defined chapters with a good range of practical activities and exercises to reinforce learning. Student friendly and the bonus of online resources.

Ms April Kingswood
Health and Social Care, Newcastle College
July 10, 2019

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Chapter 4

Chapter 6