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Reclaim Your Challenging Classroom

Reclaim Your Challenging Classroom
Relationship-Based Behavior Management

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March 2021 | 232 pages | Corwin
Effective classroom management is the key to truly inclusive education

Teachers who excel at classroom management have students who are more engaged, less disruptive, and more likely to achieve academically. What can you do to confront behavior challenges, both in-person and virtually, and set your classroom on a positive course? 

Reclaim Your Challenging Classroom guides new and veteran teachers alike in developing effective classroom management techniques, with a particular focus on students with emotional or behavioral disorders. Addressing six interrelated topics—student perceptions of you as teacher, room arrangement, classroom expectations, consequences to encourage appropriate behavior, student lesson engagement, and classroom community—this step-by-step guide empowers teachers to create a positive and effective learning environment that is grounded in the student-teacher relationship. Each chapter includes:
Vignettes inspired by real classrooms and students
Ideas and techniques for successfully addressing common problems
A “What Research Tells Us” feature that relates current research findings to the effective management of inclusive classrooms
Self-assessment inventories linked to each topic, plus more than 50 activities to guide teachers in applying key concepts and strategies in their own classroom 

Now is the time to alter the course of your classroom! Effective, relationship-based behavior management keeps students on track and makes your classroom a better place to teach and to learn.  
Why This Book
Questions You Might Have Before You Begin
Area One: Students’ Perceptions of You as Their Teacher
Area Two: Physical Arrangement of the Classroom and Materials
Area Three: Expectations and Procedures by Which Your Classroom Runs
Area Four: Consequences You Choose to Use to Encourage Appropriate Behavior
Area Five: Students’ Engagement in Academic Lessons
Area Six: Classroom Climate and Communication
Appendices: Charts, Resources, Reproducibles, and Keys of Possible Answers


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