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Pushing Back the Furniture for Circle Time

Pushing Back the Furniture for Circle Time
(Book w/CD)

March 2004 | 134 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book written by two practitioners is the culmination of 18 years work in Kirklees. It started as a co-operative learning project and developed into a wonderful resource for all those who not only want to Push Back the Furniture to do Circle Time but are looking to extend and develop their ideas.

The notes are comprehensive and explicit to promote the development of:

" Confidence and responsibility

" Roles and responsibilities as citizens

" A healthy lifestyle

" Good relationships

As well as 25 lessons there are:

" Themes on self, others, responsibilities and non-verbal communication.

" A resource section with 29 co-operative games and activities

" Photocopiable resources also provided on CD-ROM.

This is an exciting and inspiring resource written by practitioners for practitioners in primary schools. The material demonstrates the authors blend of real experience with fresh enthusiasm from Circle Time.

Aims and Objectives
Organising Circle Time
Planning for Circle Time
Circle Time and PSHCE
The Strands
Topic Work Across the Curriculum
The Themes
Photocopiable Resources