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Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management

Seventh Edition
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December 2016 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The seventh edition of the bestselling Public Sector Management is a rich and insightful description, analysis and critique of the management of the public sector by the UK government.

NEW to the seventh edition:

  • Now set in an international context with comparative global examples throughout
  • Three new chapters covering: strategy and planning in the public sector; transparency, accountability and ethics; and non-profit management, including the role of social enterprise and the voluntary sector 
  • Examines the impact of the continuing financial crisis on public spending
  • An updated companion website with tutorial videos, free access to full-text journal articles, policy documents, links to useful websites and social media resources

Public Sector Management is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying public sector management as part of a business, management or politics degree.

Chapter 1: The Public Sector in the United Kingdom in a Global Context
Chapter 2: Politics and the Public Sector
Chapter 3: Public Policy and Strategy
Chapter 4: Public Spending and Financial Management
Chapter 5: Managing Performance
Chapter 6: E-Government
Chapter 7: Accountability, Transparency and Ethics
Chapter 8: Outsourcing
Chapter 9: Public-Private Partnerships
Chapter 10: Regulation of Infrastructure and Utilities
Chapter 11: Social Enterprises, Non-Profits and the Third Sector

Target group is not yet ready for using the book due to a different competence level. The book will be used at a later stage in the same programme.

Professor Stefan Handke
Business Administration, Dresden University of Applied Sciences
May 15, 2020

Accessible and informative.

Miss Amy Allen
School of Health & Social Care, Nottingham Trent University
February 6, 2020

This is an excellent supplementary text. Discourse is expertly crafted in a methodological sequence.

Dr Michael David Hall
Business Administration, University of Seychelles
February 18, 2019

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Flynn - Public Sector Management - Chapter 1

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