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Professional Studies for Secondary Teaching

Professional Studies for Secondary Teaching

March 2023 | 280 pages | Learning Matters
*A core text for the Professional Studies module linked to the CCF.
*Supports trainees to develop their knowledge, understand their role as a professional and to engage with practice and theory. *Each chapter outlines the topic, describes any debates or alternate perspectives and suggests further reading or study. 
*Readers are supported with ideas for reflection, learning activities, assignment support.
*The book enables a clear intent and a structured implementation of a professional studies curriculum.
Chapter 1 What does it mean to be a professional?
Chapter 2 Developing knowledge, identity and relationships as a teacher-learner
Chapter 3 Pupils’ safeguarding and wellbeing
Chapter 4 Teacher wellbeing
Chapter 5 Behaviour in schools
Chapter 6 Planning your teaching
Chapter 7 The curriculum and the teacher
Chapter 8 Adaptive teaching
Chapter 9 Teaching for inclusion
Chapter 10 Developing effective assessment
Chapter 11 ‘What if..?’ Schools and society
Chapter 12 Governance and Accountability
Chapter 13 Your professional future: getting a job and developing your expertise

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