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Principles of Marketing for a Digital Age

Principles of Marketing for a Digital Age

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December 2019 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Student-led in its design and development, the book incorporates digital marketing as central to what marketers do, and combines quality examples, assessment and online resources to support the teaching and learning of introductory marketing in a digital age. 

The author integrates digital and social media marketing throughout the chapters and through student involvement in the development of it, the text has been made to be approachable and to appeal to students, with infographics, numerous images, and an engaging writing style. It facilitates the “flipped” approach to classroom teaching and is supported by a number of features and activities in every chapter, encouraging students to undertake course reading, class participation and revision. It includes case studies from global companies such as Nutella, Google, L’Oreal, Netflix, Airbnb, BirchBox, Uber, FitBit, Visit California and Coca-Cola. It also takes a social view of marketing, featuring cases tied to the UN’s PRME initiative to aid students in becoming sustainably-minded individuals.  

The book is complemented by online instructor resources, including chapter-specific PowerPoint slides, an instructor manual, flipped classroom activities, as well as open access multiple choice questions (with solutions), videos, case studies, weblinks, a glossary and SAGE journal articles for students. 

To find out more and for a quick sneak peek, watch our video on the book's story.



Part 1: The Marketing Environment
Chapter 1: Understanding Marketing
Chapter 2: Understanding Buyers
Part 2: The Marketing Toolbox
Chapter 3: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Chapter 4: Marketing Research and Analysis
Chapter 5: Marketing Strategy and Planning
Part 3: The Marketing Mix
Chapter 6: Creating Value: Products and Services
Chapter 7: Offering Value: Price
Chapter 8: Distributing Value: Place
Chapter 9: Communicating Value: Promotion
Part 4: The Marketing Long Game
Chapter 10: Extending Value: People, Process, and Presence in the Customer Experience
Chapter 11: Maintaining Value Through Branding and Brand Management
Chapter 12: Managing Value: Analytics and Marketing Value Management Systems


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·       Multiple Choice Questions

·       Glossary Games

·       AMA Journal Articles


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·       Instructor Manual

·        Flip That Class! Resources

·       PowerPoint Presentations

·       Testbank

·       YouTube Video Playlist

·       Discussion Questions

·       Student Workbook

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·       Course Pack

This much needed textbook comes at a vital time for marketing educators who are struggling to find pedagogical content that matches today's marketing environment. Packed with examples and cases, it is also succinct and clearly written to engage students. A must have for instructors and their classes. 

Svend Hollensen
Associate Professor of International Marketing at University of Southern Denmark

At last, marketing educators will have a marketing principles textbook that truly integrates digital implications affecting marketing activities, the offers brought to market, and buyer behavior. Students will delight in the emphasis on cutting-edge technologies woven seamlessly alongside the foundations of marketing. Every chapter features a plethora of examples and cases and a variety of settings such as powerhouse to niche brands from around the world. Plus instructors will love the "flipped classroom" lesson plans in the Instructor's Manual -  ready and easy to use. 

Jikyeong Kang
President, Dean and MVP Professor of Marketing at Asian Institute of Management, Honorary Professor of Marketing at Manchester Business School

I wish I had this text book when I started my university education many moons ago – it could have developed my critical thinking earlier in my academic journey. This text will be a must-have for all first year marketing students and a useful guide for staff and students.  Overall, an excellent, first-rate text book for first year university students…this text should be adopted by first year students and kept for all levels of study as a core guide to the key concepts, theories and frameworks within marketing. 

Christopher Pich
Senior Lecturer in Marketing. Nottingham Trent University

Overall, there aren’t any chapters, which are not useful, as the theoretical foundations this text aims to impart are helpful in understanding the essential principles and elements to marketing. In particular, I like the emphasis of ‘marketing within in the digital age’, as it aligns with what students expect to see in a marketing text. 

Ann Torres
Senior Lecturer in Marketing, National University of Ireland Galway

The fact that the book is built by the students for the students really makes it a unique and insightful experience [...] staying up to date with practices and trends is the key to tackling digital marketing and with this handy guide to help you can't go wrong!

Monique Gordon, Student
ESCP Europe Business School

I recommend this book as it is a good way to understand some basic principles of marketing. Its various case studies, schemas and its light colours make it more enjoyable and easier to read. 

Clarisse Mauduit, Student
ESCP Europe Business School

Brilliant book. Excellent use of modern and contemporary companies to bring the learning to life.

Mr Ollie Brook
Facility of Education and Humanities, City of Glasgow College
November 19, 2019

A good book for the digitally-minded generation. Uses industry examples well to bring to life the theory that underpins the principles of marketing. It is easy to follow and suitable for those engaging with the subject for the first time and for those looking to bring a more modern approach to the field.

Mr Ollie Brook
Facility of Education and Humanities, City of Glasgow College
June 18, 2019

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