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Principles and Practices of Assessment

Principles and Practices of Assessment
A guide for assessors in the FE and skills sector

Fourth Edition

March 2021 | 248 pages | Learning Matters
This is a core text for anyone training to be (or working as) an assessor in the further education and skills sector.  Whether you are a new or an experienced assessor, this book will guide you through the relevant principles and practices to enable you to become an assessor; improve your job role; and/or work towards a relevant assessment qualification.

The book takes you through all the information you need to know, opening up the topic for learning in a really accessible way. Interactive activities are included throughout, and real examples of assessment in practice are included. The book also includes examples of completed assessment documents. 
It is a comprehensive text, covering:
• principles of assessment
• planning for assessment
• types and methods of assessment
• assessment practice
• giving feedback
• recording progress and achievement
• quality assurance
• evaluation

This updated 4th edition includes new content on:
• the assessor coach role 
• end-point assessment 
• the role of technology in assessment and quality assurance
• online assessment
• theories, principles and models of reflection and evaluation
1 Principles of assessment
2 Planning for assessment
3 Practices of assessment
4 Using technology for assessment
5 Making decisions and providing feedback
6 Quality assurance of assessment
7 Reflective practice, evaluation, and continuing professional development

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