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So Why Don’t Women Rule the World?

August 21, 2019

CQ Press today announces the release of Why Don’t Women Rule the World?, a book that combines feminist and political research to encourage students’ political interest and ambition and close the gender gap along the way. The book integrates intersectionality throughout, taking into account global and diverse experiences and backgrounds. It also provides “Ambition Activities” to help women become confident in political environments and “speed the ongoing transition from patriarchy’s hierarchal order to a more just and egalitarian world.” 

The authors—political scientists, professors, and feminists—present research from the origins of patriarchy onward to explain why women leaders are regarded differently, even in 2019. 

Topics in the text include:

  • How individuals form opinions about gender issues
  • When and where women candidates emerge (including insight into campaign finances)
  • How the underrepresentation of women in politics affects policy
  • A five-step action plan to begin “dismantling the patriarchy”

Furthermore, “Ambition Activities” include:

  • Developing a script to quickly “Name It, Shame It, Pivot” when exposed to sexist comments
  • Practicing giving credit to original speakers to prevent ideas from being misappropriated
  • Rehearsing authoritative speaking by avoiding disclaimers, tag questions, apologies, fillers, etc.

"We know that young men’s political ambition begins to outpace young women’s ambition in late high school/early college,” write the authors. “This book will prompt readers to think about their gendered assumptions of power and privilege, their role in rectifying patriarchal structures, their own political ambition, and the ways they can address gender inequalities in their personal lives and in the broader world.”

Why Don’t Women Rule the World: Understanding Women's Civic and Political Choices is available now. For a review copy, please contact Olivia Butze (


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