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SAGE to begin publishing Dose-Response

August 6, 2015

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE today announces that it has begun publishing Dose-Response, the official journal of the International Dose-Response Society (ID-RS). The quarterly journal publishes research that measures the ecological, psychological and biological responses to substances in various quantities.

“After Dose-Response’s decade of long record of growth and influence, the International Dose-Response Society is partnering with one of the major scientific publishers to expand the reach of its journal into the biomedical, clinical and environmental domains,” commented editor-in-chief, Edward J. Calabrese, Ph.D. “SAGE is uniquely positioned to provide the journal access to these normally non-communicating disciplines, all concerned with issues of dose-response.”

Dose-Response publishes experimental findings, mini-reviews on current topics and research on non-linear dose-relationships, characterized by effects that do not increase or decrease in correspondence with changing dosage amounts. The journal accepts qualified submissions that apply the concept of nonlinearity in dose-responses within drug and chemical testing, population-based studies and environmental, occupational and medical risk assessments.

ID-RS was formed in 2005 for the purpose of understanding the nature, mechanisms, and implications of the dose-response relationship as well as hormesis, a phenomenon in which a substance that’s toxic in normal or high doses produces a favorable effect in low doses. Hormesis is a particular emphasis of the society, its journal, and a growing number of scientists across many biological disciplines today.

“SAGE is thrilled to partner with ID-RS and to publish a multidisciplinary journal that supports human and environmental health, among other areas of study,” stated Bob Howard, Vice President of Journals, SAGE. “We look forward to extending its reach and deepening its connections across a range of sciences.”

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