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SAGE launches open access journal, Educational Neuroscience

July 22, 2015

Los Angeles, CA. SAGE today announces the launch of Educational Neuroscience (EdN), an open access journal that explores developing brain-behavior relationships and their implications for the science of learning, academic skill acquisition, and education practice at multiple levels of the educational systems from early childhood to higher education.

“Despite longstanding interest and widespread enthusiasm for applying newly emerging neuroscientific knowledge to the educational care of children and adults, progress has been hindered by a lack of communication and integration across disciplines,” commented Dr. Timothy Brown, Editor-in-Chief. “In Educational Neuroscience, we have forged an ambitious scientific journal with a truly unique interdisciplinary structure to attract contributors and consumers who are researchers, thinkers, policymakers, and practitioners in both the cognitive neurosciences and education.” 

Executive Editor Dr. Alan Daly commented, “The introduction of this innovative and important journal by SAGE marks the beginning of a new era of interdisciplinary work between education and neuroscience that draws on rigorous research with relevant impact. Bridging divides, linking fields, creating synergistic space, and enacting new collaborative futures is the bold goal for Educational Neuroscience and we invite you to be a part.”

With the goal of impacting educational practice, policy, and theory, Educational Neuroscience connects the biological and social sciences in order to form evidence-based discussions and conclusions.

Brown further remarked, “Educational Neuroscience will provide a rigorous forum for meaningful interaction between neurocognitive researchers and educators, so that our most innovative scientific tools and paradigms can be matched to the questions and issues that have the most relevance to real-world educational and developmental outcomes.”

“Educational Neuroscience is committed to making a difference in our educational systems by publishing research of the highest caliber,” commented Bob Howard, Vice President of Journals, SAGE. “We are delighted to help it accomplish this vision.”

The new open access journal accepts scientific studies, commentaries, and reviews focused on existing or new neurological practices. For more information, click here

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