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SAGE acquires two leading Science History Journals

March 4, 2014

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE a leading independent academic and professional publisher today announced the acquisition of two new Science History Journals. History of Science and Journal for the History of Astronomy, formerly published by Science History Publications Ltd, will be published by SAGE as of March 2014.

History of Science, edited by Iwan Rhys Morus, Aberystwyth University,is one of the forerunning journals publishing peer reviewed research on the history of science, medicine and technology. Article topics cover discussions around methodology, and reviews of the current state of knowledge within the discipline. The Journal for the History of Astronomy, edited by Michael Hoskin, University of Cambridge, is the only journal devoted to the history of astronomy. Its articles focus on fields including the history of mathematics and physics and the use of historical records in the service of astronomy. SAGE will also be hosting the archives of both journals back to Volume 1.

“We are delighted to include these two leading titles in our growing portfolio of journals on the history and philosophy of science,” said Karen Phillips, Editorial Director, SAGE. “Over many decades, both journals have published authoritative, high quality material to guide, support and inform researchers within both history of science and astronomy. In an increasingly competitive journals environment, we will ensure the journals continue to grow their readership and impact.

“It is over fifty years since we first published History of Science, which was soon followed by Journal for the History of Astronomy. Science History Publication Ltd was set up as an independent publishing firm to be the home for both of these journals. The editorial teams at both are, however, delighted, to now be passing these journals to SAGE, a publisher whom we know will ensure their long term sustainability and impact within the market”, commented Michael Hoskin, Founding Editor.  “We believe that SAGE shares our commitment to promoting research of the highest quality and supporting access to a wide breadth of information. We look forward to seeing these journals grow and develop a successful future with SAGE.”

The new websites for each journal can be accessed here (History of Science) and here (Journal for the History of Astronomy) respectively.

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