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Popular Music

Popular Music

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Chris Rojek - City, University of London, UK, City University London, UK

April 2011 | 1 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This collection focuses on social science perspectives of popular music since the late 1970s. Since then, social scientists like Simon Frith, Larry Grossberg, Will Straw, Paul Willis, Andy Bennett, Keith Negus, Howard Becker and Sarah Thornton have intensively examined the phenomenon of popular music from a social science and cultural studies perspective. This is part of the same move in the social and cultural sciences that has magnified Visual Culture, Celebrity Culture, Television Studies, Film Studies, Media & Communication, Fashion, and much else besides as legitimate subjects for academic enquiry. This move has become known as 'the Cultural Turn'.

This collection launches from the Cultural Turn, but it will also incorporate key articles from the early social science of pop music. The aim will be to provide researchers and libraries with a four volume distillation of the best that has been thought and published in the academic study of popular music.

Volume One: History and Theoretical Traditions provides the historical and theoretical anchor for the remainder of the set.

Volume Two: Mode of Production brings together material that relates the production of popular music to technology, production, distribution and consumption, amongst others.

Volume Three: Institutions of Popular Music examines the academic literature on the main social and 'cultural intermediaries' of popular music such as impression managers, new systems of music promotion and informal politics.

Volume Four: Cultures and Subcultures of Popular Music guides the reader through music subcultures, audiences and globalization.

Defining the Popular

Raymond Williams
Introduction from The Troubadours

Robert Briffault
The Troubadour Tradition in Italy and England

Robert Briffault
On Popular Music

T. Adorno

Will Straw
Towards an Aesthetics of Popular Music

S. Frith
Why 1955? Explaining the Advent of Rock Music

Richard Peterson
The Music Industry and the 'Cultural Imperialism' Thesis

Dave Laing
World Beat and the Cultural Imperialism Debate

A. Goodwin and J. Gore
Disciplinary Approaches
Analyzing Popular Music: Theory, Method and Practice

Philip Tagg
Popular Music Analysis and Musicology: Bridging the Gap

Richard Middleton
Sociological Approaches to the Pop Music Phenomenon

Paul Hirsch
Towards a Cultural Sociology of Popular Music

Andy Bennett
Culture, Media and Communication
Systems of Articulation, Logics of Change: Communities and Scenes in Popular Music

Will Straw
Madonna: Mother of Mirrors

John Castles
Political Science
The Politics of Popular Music

Michael Birch
The Politics of Youth Culture: Some Observations on Rock and Roll in America

Lawrence Grossberg
From the Functions of Music To Music Preferences

Thomas Schäfer and Peter Sedimier
Selective Hearing: Gender Bias in the Music Preferences of Young Adults

Brett Millar
Valuing and Evaluating Popular Music

Theodore Gracyzk
A Critique of Folk, Popular and 'Art' Music

Frank Howes
Cultural Geography
Recorded Music and Practices of Remembering

Ben Anderson
The Anomalies of being Faye (Wong): Gender Politics in Chinese Popular Music

Anthony Fung and Michael Curtin
Formations of Technology
Sound Studies: New Technologies and Music

Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld
Art versus Technology: The Strange Case of Popular Music

Simon Frith
The Sound of Music: Technological Rationalization and the Production of Popular Music

Paul Théberge
The Walkman Effect

Shuhei Hosokowa
Long Play: Adult-Orientated Popular Music and the Temporal Logics of the Post-War Sound Recording Industry in the USA

Keir Keighthley
Sample and Hold

A. Goodwin
Building International Empires of Sound: Concentrations of Power and Property in the 'Global' Music Market

Jack Bishop
Flexibility, Post-Fordism and the Music Industries

David Hesmondhalgh
Globalization of Mass Media Ownership: Implications and Effects

Paul Hirsch
Copyright and Illegal Downloading
Copyright and the Music Business

Simon Frith
The Effects of Piracy upon the Music Industry: A Case of Bootlegging

Lee Marshall
New Digital Technologies: Privacy/Property, Globalization and Law

Matthew David and Jameison Kirkhope
Cultures of Copying: Digital Sampling and Copyright Law

L. Bentley and B. Sherman
Sampling and Copyright

L. Bently
Reconstructing the Soul of Elvis: The Social Development and Legal Importance of Elvis Presley as Intellectual Property

David Wall
The Age of Consent: Traditional Music, Intellectual Property and Changing Attitudes in the People's Republic of China

H. Rees
The Content and Validity of Music-Genre Stereotypes among College Students

Peter Rentfrow and Samuel Gosling
Music as Symbol, Music as Simulacrum: Postmodern, Pre-Modern and Modern Aesthetics in Subcultural Musics

Peter Manuel
From the Margins to the Mainstream

R. Huq
Open Letter: 'Black Music', 'Afro-American Music', and 'European Music'

Philip Tagg
'Leer-ics' and Lyrics: Teenage Impressions of Rock 'n' Roll

Lorraine Prinsky and Jill Leslie Rosenbaum
Frank Sinatra: The Popular Front and an American Icon

Gerald Meyer
Rock Culture: The Dialectics of Life and Death

David Rowe
Pop Music and the Press

James Trammell
Radio Space and Industrial Time: Music Formats, Local Narratives and Technological Mediation

Jody Berland
MTV and the Globalization of Popular Culture

Jack Banks
Think Globally, Act Locally: China's Rendezvous with MTV

Anthony Fung
From Music Publishing to MP3: Music and Industry in the Twentieth Century

Reebee Garofolo
"Reality Goes Pop!": Reality TV, Popular Music and Narratives of Stardom in Pop Idol

Su Holmes
What about the Univores? Musical Dislikes and Group Based Identity Construction among Americans with Low Levels of Education

Bethany Bryson
Amateur Experts: International Fan Labour in Swedish Independent Music

Nancy Baym and Robert Burnett
Co-Creative Labour

John Banks and Mark Deuze
Cultures of Music Piracy: An Ethnographic Comparison of the US and Japan

Ian Condry
Youth Culture, Music and Cell Phone Branding in China

Jing Wang
J-Pop and Performances of Young Female Identity: Music, Gender and Urban Space in Tokyo

Csaba Toth
Rap Music and the Black Musical Tradition: A Critical Assessment

Andre Craddock-Willis
Youth Subcultures and their Cultural Contexts

Jon Stratton
Subcultural Identity in Alternative Music Culture

Holly Kruse
Digital Subculture: A Geek Meaning of Style

J. A. McArthur
On the Evolution of Rai Music

Hana Noor Al-deen
Subcultures or Neo-Tribes: Rethinking the Relationship between Youth, Style and Musical Taste

Andy Bennett
Heavy Metal Music: A New Subculture in American Society?

Robert Gross
Homies in the Hood: Rap's Commodification of Insubordination

Ted Swedenberg
Creating a Scene: Balinese Punk Beginnings

E. Baluch
Rave and Straightedge: Exploring Online and Offline Experiences in Canadian Youth Subcultures

B. Wilson and M. Atkinson
World Music/Hybrid Formations
Between Globalization and Localization: A Case Study of Hong Kong Popular Music

Wai-Chung Ho
On Redefining the 'Local' Through World Music

J. Guilbault
World Music: Deterritorializing Place and Identity

John Connell and Chris Gibson

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ISBN: 9781849207584