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Physical Geography

Physical Geography

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

September 2005 | 1 632 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This four volume set begins by examining the knowledge of physical geography: from the quantitative revolution to current state of mathematical models. The principal environment spheres – for example, the biosphere – are examined to show the greater concern with environmental dynamics now central to the discipline. This work includes studies of environmental change, looking at short term as well as longer term change, and evaluating aspects of global change. Volume IV focuses on the total physical environment, examining human activity and human impact; environmental hazards; and applied physical geography.

SAGE Fundamentals of Geography is a series of authoritative Major Works in Human Geography and Physical Geography edited by internationally recognised scholars. The first two in the series are overview volumes on these two main subject areas. Taken together, these two sets demonstrate what is singular about the geographical imagination and the unique contribution its diverse perspectives makes to human science and natural science, as well as the link it provides between the human and the natural.

Volume One: The Scope of Physical Geography
R J Chorley
The Role and Relations of Physical Geography
R J Chorley
Geomorphology and General Systems Theory
R Gardner
Developments in Physical Geography
K J Gregory
Changing Physical Environment and Changing Physical Geography
K J Gregory
Valuing Physical Geography
K J Gregory, A M Gurnell and G E Petts
Restructuring Physical Geography
P Sims
Previous Actors and Current Influences
Trends and Fashions in Physical Geography

L R Barrett
Particulars in Context
Maintaining a Balance in Soil Geography

A M Carleton
Methodology in Climatology
P J Curran
Imaging Spectrometry
A S Goudie
The Nature of Physical Geography
A View from the Drylands

A Henderson-Sellers
Atmospheric Physiography and Meteorological Modelling
The Future Role of Geographers in Understanding Climate

M R Moss
Environmental Stability
L A Naylor, H A Viles and N E A Carter
Biogeomorphology Revisited
Looking Towards the Future

K S Richards
Geography and the Physical Sciences Tradition
B L Rhoads and C E Thorn
Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives on Physical Geography with Emphasis on Geomorphology
I G Simmons
Lilies and Peacocks
A View of Biogeography

V R Baker and C R Twidale
The Re-Enchantment of Geomorphology
K J Gregory
Changing the Nature of Physical Geography
K K Hirschboeck
A Room with a View
Some Geographic Perspectives on Dilettantism, Cross-Training and Scale in Hydrology

A W Perry
New Climatologists for a New Climatology
J D Phillips
Methodology, Scale and the Field of Dreams
J D Phillips
Laws, Contingencies, Irreversible Divergence and Physical Geography
K Richards et al
Theory, Measurement and Testing in 'Real' Geomorphology and Physical Geography
B L Rhoads
Beyond Pragmatism
The Value of Philosophical Discourse for Physical Geography

P Stott
Biogeography and Ecology in Crisis
The Urgent Need for a New Metalanguage

S Sullivan
Towards a Non-Equilibrium Ecology
Perspectives from an Arid Land

Volume 2: Environmental Dynamics
L Holzner and G D Weaver
Geographic Evaluation of Climatic and Climatogenetic Geomorphology
J B Dalyrmple, A J Conacher and R J Blong
A Nine-Unit Hypothetical Landsurface Model
A Henderson-Sellers
Climate, Models and Geography
M J Kirkby
The Future of Modelling in Physical Geography
M G Wolman and J P Miller
Magnitude and Frequency of Forces in Geomorphic Processes
M G Wolman and R A Gerson
Relative Scales of Time and Effectiveness of Climate in Watershed Geomorphology
D Alexander
Natural Hazards
A J Brazel et al
Physical and Boundary Layer Climatology
N J Clifford
The Changing Paradigm

M Church
Geomorphic Thresholds in Riverine Landscapes
D R Coates
Subsurface Influences
D H De Boer
Hierarchies and Spatial Scale in Process Geomorphology
A Review

N F Glasser and M R Bennett
Glacial Erosional Landforms
Origins and Significance for Palaeoglaciology

J M Harbor
Glacial Geomorphology
Modelling, Processes and Landforms

S Lane
Environmental Modelling
D J Sherman and B O Bauer
Coastal Geomorphology through the Looking Glass
J B Thornes
The Ecology of Erosion
S Trudgill
Soil Processes and Their Significance
D E Walling
Rainfall, Runoff and Erosion of the Land
A Global View

R W Washington
Quantifying Chaos in the Atmosphere
P W Williams
Tectonic Geomorphology, Uplift Rates and Geomorphic Response in New Zealand
D G Smith
Fluvial Geomorphology
Where Do We Go from Here?

R A Wilby and T M L Wigley
Downscaling General Circulation Model Output
A Review of Methods and Limitations

Volume Three: Environmental Change
M Bell and M J C Walker
Evidence for Environmental Change
W L Graf
The Rate Law in Fluvial Geomorphology
F Oldfield
The Future of the Past
S A Schumm and R W Lichty
Time, Space and Causality in Geomorphology
S A Schumm
Geomorphic Thresholds
The Concept and Its Applications

M G Wolman
A Cycle of Sedimentation and Erosion in Urban River Channels
A J Doughill, D S G Thomas and A L Heathwaite
Environmental Change in the Kalahari
Integrated Land Degradation Studies for Nonequilibrium Dryland Environments

A S Goudie
The Changing Human Impact
K L O'Brien
Tropical Deforestation and Climate Change
H Seppa and K D Bennett
Quaternary Pollen Analysis
Recent Progress in Palaeoecology and Palaeoclimatology

H O Slaymaker and T Spencer
The Nature of Global Environmental Change
F A Street Perrott and N Roberts
Past Climates and Future Greenhouse Warming
M F Thomas
Late Quaternary Instability in the Humid and Sub-Humid Tropics
J Adams, M Maslin and E Thomas
Sudden Climate Transitions during the Quaternary
A G Brown and T Quine
Fluvial Processes and Environmental Change
An Overview

A G Brown
Learning from the Past
Palaeohydrology and Palaeoecology

A Gupta
The Changing Geomorphology of the Humid Tropics
J C Knox
Large Increases in Flood Magnitude in Response to Modest Changes in Climate
D E Sugden
The East Antarctic Ice Sheet
Unstable Ice or Unstable Ideas?

D E Walling and Q He
Changing Rates of Overbank Sedimentation on the Floodplains of British Rivers during the past 100 Years
Volume Four: Cultural Physical Geography
D Alexander
Human Ecology (Cultural Ecology)
K W Butzer
The Realm of Cultural-Human Ecology
Adaptation and Change in Historical Perspective

D R Coates
Geomorphic Engineering
V Gardiner
Evaluating Environmental Potential
I L McHarg
Preface, Introduction, Propsect to Design with Nature
M D Newson
Twenty Years of Systematic Physical Geography
Issues for a 'New Environmental Age'

N Spedding
Landscape and Environment
Biophysical Processes, Biophysical Forms

A Brookes and F D Shields
Towards an Approach to Sustainable River Restoration
D A Davidson
The Assessment of Land Resources
Achievements and New Challenges

P A Gares, D J Sherman and K F Nordstrom
Geomorphology and Natural Hazards
W L Graf
Dam Nation
A Geographic Census of American Dams and Their Large-Scale Hydrologic Impacts

R Haines-Young
Sustainable Development and Sustainable Landscapes
Defining a New Paradigm for Landscape Ecology

J A Kupfer
Landscape Ecology and Biogeography
D M Liverman
Geography and the Global Environment
M G Reed and O Slaymaker
Ethics and Sustainability
A Preliminary Perspective

J Thornes and G McGregor
Cultural Climatology
W L Graf
Damage Control
Restoring the Physical Integrity of America's Rivers

M J Haigh
Land Reclamation and Deep Ecology
In Search of a More Meaningful Physical Geography

A Henderson Sellers
Climate Whispers
Media Communication about Climate Change

A M Mannion
Biotechnology and Environmental Quality
T O'Riordan
Civic Science and Global Environmental Change
J D Phillips
Human Impacts on the Environment
Unpredictability and the Primacy of Place

K J Gregory
Human Activity Transforming and Designing River Landscapes
A Review Perspective

I G Simmons
The 'Real' World and Its Alternatives