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Perspectives on Africa and the World

Perspectives on Africa and the World

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August 2015 | 132 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Although Africa seems to most people a remote and impoverished place remembered for the suffering of its people, it has played an important role in recent history, and it will play a significant role in the future of America and the West in general. This volume of the ANNALS, Perspectives on Africa and the World, provides a unique opportunity for fresh insight into the continentÆs past, present, and future by examining crucial historical turning points in African history over the past 75 years. The distinguished authors emphasize that understanding the reality of Africa in the twenty-first century requires viewing the continent within a broader context of recent world history. Through the lens of four watershed eventsùWorld War II, the end of colonialism, the cold war, and the new global interconnectionsù they show how much of what happens on the African continent has its origins in Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, or Beijing, just as events in Africa can shape the politics and economies of the world, and that we ignore Africa to our own peril.
Tukufu Zuberi
1. Introduction: A Perspective on Africa and the World
John H. Morrow, Jr.
2. Black Africans in World War II: The Soldiers’ Stories
Donna R. Jackson
3. The Ogaden War and the Demise of Détente
Cheikh Anta Babou
4. Decolonization or National Liberation: Debating the End of British Colonial Rule in Africa
Charles R. Stith
5. Radical Islam in East Africa
Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf
6. Debating Darfur in the World
George B. N. Ayittey
7. The United States of Africa: A Revisit
Julius Gatune
8. Africa’s Development beyond Aid: Getting Out of the Box
Molefi Kete Asante
9. Afrocentricty and the Argument for Civic Commitment: Ideology and Citizenship in a United States of Africa

Too difficult for under grads though a good discussion of contemporary issues in African nations.

Dr Lynne Woehrle
Behavioral Science, Mount Mary College
August 23, 2012

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