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Personal Development in Counsellor Training

Personal Development in Counsellor Training

Second Edition

January 2012 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book provides the answers to that all- important question: what are personal and professional development and why are they necessary for counsellors?

This new edition explores:

@! the importance of personal development and the core concepts that underpin it

@! the aims, commonalities and differences of personal development in different settings and levels of training

@! the key differences in theoretical approaches and their implications for personal development

@! communication and relationships between counsellors and professional organizations, society, and the 'virtual' world, with all its demands on identity, privacy and congruence.

@! the trainee and trainer and the challenges of personal development.

Packed full of vivid accounts of personal experiences, questions and points for reflection, this book will prove an essential companion for anyone wishing to grow personally and professionally as a therapist.

Hazel Johns is a Fellow of BACP, and has been for many years a trainer, supervisor and BACP-accredited counsellor.

The Contexts of Counselling Training
Why Personal Development ?
Communication and Relationships in the 2010s
Counselling Training: Aims and Levels
Theoretical Differences and Personal Development
Trainees and Personal Development
Trainers and Their Courses
A Curriculum for Personal Development: Contradiction or Paradox?
Personal Development through Individual Exploration
Personal Development through Structured Activities
Personal Development through Groups

'This really is an excellent book without equal. The title belies its wider appeal and potential value. Experienced trainers and practitioners will find much to challenge their ingenuity and refresh ways of enhancing what Johns describes as the "life-long and career-long process" of personal development. This second edition expands significantly on the first edition. It's well organised and written in a clearly accessible and engaging style. For me it has always been a "must-buy"!' -
Ian Horton, formerly of University of East London

I have found this book to be a great source of information for planning personal development lessons. The questions for both trainee and trainer are insightful and create great discussion and personal development opportunities. This book covers a number of key considerations and literature relating to counselling training.

Mrs Louise Allen
Counselling Department, Riverside College Halton
July 10, 2020

This is a useful reference book for tutors and students. It gives a comprehensive overview of the issues that arise when taking part in personal development groups.

Ms Judy Hemmons
Gloucestershire University, Gloucestershire University
October 8, 2015

This has been a very useful text for students who are studying Level 3 Counselling Skills and beyond.
It gives them some very useful insights.
Tutors and students have found this an interesting book and we recommend this to any students progressing to full counseling qualifications.

Ms Su Illingworth
Teacher Training, Craven College
April 27, 2015

Highly recommended

Mrs Sarah Jones
education and training, Gloucester College of Arts & Tech
November 19, 2014

An excellence book to be a recommended reading material for a new counselor or a trainee counselor. Could be considered as a self help guide for trainee counselors and also a nice guide book for counselor educators.

Mr Zaliridzal Zakaria
Faculty of Leadership and Management, Islamic Science University of Malaysia
January 5, 2013

This text has been added to our recommended reading list to encourage students to reflect on their personal development and self-awareness

Ms Kirsten Amis
Social and Community Studies Department, Anniesland College
November 30, 2012

An excellent text for tutors to recommend to student counsellors.

Miss Lyndise Tarbuck
Centre for Health and Care, Colchester Institute
November 13, 2012

This book was used through the course and was an essential read

Teresa Johnson
Health, Social Care & Access Dept, Swindon College
September 6, 2012

Given the many changes in society, in counselling & psychotheray, psychology and related fields, this is a well-written, well-structured, timely reminder that despite these changes - the contribution personal development makes to the the training of counsellors is more important than ever. The use of 'boxed' chapter beginnings and summaries is an excellent aid - making it more accessable to the reader/trainer who might be skimming the book for guidlines. In addition, I particularly liked the use of questions at the end of each chapter - not only for the trainers - but for the trainees and general questions. Fundamental questions like; ''Why personal development'' are asked and pondered. in this age of digital and mobile technology, pertinent questions like ''Is the internet chaning the way we think, concentrate and communicate - and how this impacts on counselling and psychotherapy today are considered. Chapter 10 is specifically useful to the trainer of counselling and psyhchotherapy; giving lots of visual aids by means of boxed examples. Well organised and written in a clearly accessible and engaging style. A must for me and my training institution.

Ms Eilish McGuinness
Counselling & Psychotherapy Department, PCI College
August 23, 2012

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