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Overcoming the School Trauma Cycle

Overcoming the School Trauma Cycle
Academic and Emotional Supports for Struggling Learners

Foreword by Jerome J. Schultz

May 2024 | 208 pages | Corwin

Disrupt the painful cycle of academic challenges and emotional distress

When students struggle with learning, it can be stressful for both them and their teachers. Struggling learners are more likely to experience low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues—challenges that, combined with highly stressful learning experiences, can tip students into a trauma response that makes learning even harder.

Overcoming the School Trauma Cycle explores the science behind how learning occurs in the brain, how it can be disrupted, and—most importantly—how to overcome the painful cycle of academic challenges and emotional distress. Inside, you'll find:

  • What the latest research tells us about how mental health issues can disrupt the learning process
  • How academic and mental health challenges can fuel each other
  • Manageable, whole-class practices and targeted supports to meet struggling learners’ academic and emotional needs
  • Opportunities to self-assess and reflect

Many schools have increased their focus on trauma-informed teaching and social-emotional learning, but these approaches are too often pitted against academic rigor when they are really two sides of the same coin. To improve outcomes for all students, we must address their social-emotional needs alongside their academic ones. In Overcoming the School Trauma Cycle, you'll discover empowering practices to help all students learn and thrive.

About the Author
Part I. The Why
Chapter 1. The Neuroscience of Learning
Chapter 2. Disabilities and other Learning Challenges
Chapter 3. Emotions, Mental Health, and Learning
Chapter 4. The Vicious Cycle of Academic and Mental Health Challenges
Part II. The How
Chapter 5. Creating an Inclusive Classroom Culture
Chapter 6. Instructional Practices to Support Struggling Students
Chapter 7. Accommodations to Support Students with Mental Health Challenges
Chapter 8. Supporting Students’ Social-Emotional Wellbeing
Resource: Supporting Students in Crisis

"In Overcoming the School Trauma Cycle, Kaufman has blended two important contemporary topicslearning challenges and mental health. Educators, administrators, and systems will benefit from having shared knowledge and guided conversations on how best to support students experiencing either or both challenges. This book can be used to guide these conversations and provides practical, realistic, and useful guidance for educators. "

Jacqueline Thousand
Professor Emerita, California State University, San Marcos, CA

This book is equally informative as it is entertaining. Much like my students, who always want to know why, the first part gave me much-needed context on the interconnectedness between learning, emotions, and mental health. Part Two provided actual solutions to navigating the modern classroom. There is no doubt in my mind that this book will make teaching easier for the educators who check it out!” 

Malcolm Tillerson, Jr
Eighth Grade History Teacher

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