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Organizations and Management in Cross-Cultural Context

Organizations and Management in Cross-Cultural Context

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February 2014 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

*Winner in the Management and Leadership Textbook Category at CMI Management Book of the Year Awards 2015*

An ideal course text for Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management or Cross-Cultural Management courses.

  • Chapters present the fundamental theoretical approaches in all key areas including leadership, ethics and change, and then explore them in the context of culture and cross-cultural management.
  • Encourages self-reflection and critical appraisal through a series of questions and scenarios designed to get you thinking like a manager working with an international team.
  • Provides practical guidance on tackling the most complex issues facing managers today.
  • Contains insights into the experiences of real employees working in a multicultural environment.

The companion website provides a wealth of additional material to support students and teachers alike.

Chapter 1: Managing Learning Organizations in Cross-Cultural Context
Chapter 2: Work Motivation in Cross-Cultural Context
Chapter 3: Behavioral Modification and Performance Management
Chapter 4: Communication and Conflict Management
Chapter 5: Leadership: Role Behaviours and Cross-cultural Perspectives
Chapter 6: Teamwork: Effectiveness and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Chapter 7: Organizational Attitudes and Work-Life Balance
Chapter 8: Organizational Structure and Organizational Change
Chapter 9: Human Resource Management in Cross-Cultural Context
Chapter 10: Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics


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The companion website provides a wealth of additional material to support students and teachers alike including:

  • End of chapter videos to promote class discussion and encourage critical thinking
  • Web links to related content to expand students' knowledge
  • Suggested Real World Case Studies to give insight into cross cultural challenges faced by real organizations
  • Flashcards of key terms to help students get to grips with HRM, OB, and management jargon

This is an excellent textbook that focuses on the important topic of working with different cultures. Few businesses are solely domestic these days so working across countries is a common challenge for managers. The combination of frameworks, examples and case studies used provides the reader with an insight into how to tackle one of the growing trends of our time and gives them the confidence to do so.

Patrick Dunne
Category Judge, CMI Management Book of the Year 2015

'Organizations and Management in cross-cultural context is an important and timely book.  Professors Zeynep Aycan, Rabindra Kanungo, and Manuel Mendonca are excellent scholars. Their new book will help students and managers alike navigate more successfully in the global business and cultural environment of the 21st century.  Their invitation to reflection raises and to web-based interaction among readers raises the quality of the discussion that this book will support above that of many of its competitors.'

Nancy J Adler
McGill University

'This book provides an impressive integration of Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Cross-Cultural Psychology. It covers a very broad set of topics, even ethics. It uses case studies, stories, pictures, diagrams and tables most appropriately to help the student reach specific learning objectives.   The first two authors are internationally known for their work in cross-cultural management. This will be the best text on these topics at this time.'

Harry Triandis
Emeritus Professor, University of Illinois

'I am most excited by this forthcoming text for two reasons. First, the integration of major theoretical orientations and research findings with cultural contexts within which they may be applied is most critical as globalization burgeons. Second, the authors are uniquely suited by background and expertise to accomplish the integration in an informative, scholarly fashion. Additionally the notion of including issues and questions for reflection cannot help but foster critical thinking on the part of the reader. The text should soon become a classic in our literature.'

Edward Levine
University of South Florida

'This book has been long overdue, filling an acutely felt lacuna in the field of cross cultural human resource management and organizational behavior. Actively provoking thought and reflection, I consider this well structured volume a compulsory, highly suited read for graduate students as well as practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of their multicultural organizational settings.'

Simcha Ronen
Professor Emeritus of Organizational Psychology and International Management

'Aycan, Kanungo and Mendonca adopt a non-U.S. lens to examine the important topics pertaining to managing in a global context.  Useful text for both U.S. and non-U.S. students to understand the dynamics and complexities of managing in the Twenty-first century.'

Rosalie L Tung
The Ming & Stella Wong Professor of International Business, Simon Fraser University

'Organizations and Management in cross-cultural context presents the much needed integration of three separate but inter related fields of cross-cultural management, HRM and OB. In the present global world of business organisations this will provide students, teachers and practitioners useful insights and critical knowledge needed to be successful in cross-cultural contexts. The text covers a range of topics which are key to someone new or a seasonal global professional to better understand the dynamics of learning and managing in cross-cultural contexts. Professors Aycan, Kanungo and Mendonca are leading scholars in the field and as expected have done a great job in putting this together. This will no doubt become a standard work in the field for years to come.'

Pawan Budhwar
Aston Business School, Work and Organizational Psychology Group

'A much needed text which provides excellent cross cultural application to the study of organisation. Invaluable to students and practitioners alike.'

Paul Hill
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Northumbria University

An excellent book to have.

Mrs Tawa Edwards
Year 0, Greenwich School of Management
March 13, 2015

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Dr Alhajie Saidy Khan
Lord Ashcroft International Business School, Anglia Ruskin University
March 5, 2015

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