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Organizational Ethics

Organizational Ethics
A Practical Approach

Fourth Edition (International Student Edition)
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March 2018 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Illustrating the best approaches for developing ethical competence by providing readers with opportunities to apply ethical principles and practices in a variety of settings through self-reflection, analyses, projects, and discussion.

New to this 4th edition

  • Contemporary Issues in Organizational Ethics feature added to every chapter to highlight special topics, trends and controversies in the field.
  • Case studies have been included or updated to reflect the latest developments.
  • Several self-assessments have been replaced with new instruments.
  • Material on corporate social activism, consumer boycotts, framing, redefining the followership role, polythink, self-disclosure, universal dilemmas and other topics has been added. 

All content is supported by new case studies, discussing contemporary topics such as computer hacking, fake news, Confederate monuments, Uber, the Barnum and Bailey Circus, Morning Star, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Theranos, the EpiPen, the University of Missouri, and Baylor University. 

The book is complemented by an instructor website featuring a range of tools and resources for lecturers, including Testbank, PowerPoint slides, lecture notes, teaching strategies, video links, and chapter-specific discussion questions.

Suitable for modules on Business or Organisational Ethics
Part I: Practicing Personal Ethics in the Organization
Chapter 1. Ethical Competencies and Perspectives
Developing Ethical Competencies  
Defining Organizational Ethics  
Ethical Perspectives  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 2. Components of Personal Ethical Development
Component 1: Discovering Vocation  
Component 2: Identifying Personal Values  
Component 3: Developing Character  
Component 4: Creating a Moral Identity  
Component 5: Drawing Upon Spiritual Resources  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 3. Ethical Decision Making and Action
Components of Ethical Behavior  
Decision-Making Formats  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Part II: Practicing Interpersonal Ethics in the Organization
Chapter 4. Ethical Interpersonal Communication
Dialogue: An Ethical Framework for Interpersonal Communication  
Ethical Communication Competencies  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 5. Exercising Ethical Influence
Questions of Power  
Ethical Issues in Influence  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 6. Ethical Conflict Management
Conflict in Organizational Life  
Becoming an Ethical Conflict Manager  
Resolving Conflict Through Ethical Negotiation  
Combating Aggression and Sexual Harassment  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Part III: Practicing Leadership, Followership, and Group Ethics  
Chapter 7. Leadership and Followership Ethics
Leadership Ethics  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 8. Improving Group Ethical Performance
Acting as a Morally Responsible Team Member  
Issues in Organizational Ethics: Premature Abandonment  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Part V: Practicing Ethics in Organizational Systems  
Chapter 9. Building an Ethical Organization
Making Ethics Matter  
Components of Ethical Culture  
Cultural Change Efforts  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 10. Ethical Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Human Resource Management
Ethical Marketing  
Ethical Finance and Accounting  
Ethical Human Resource Management  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 11. Promoting Organizational Citizenship
The Organization as Citizen  
Promoting Organizational Citizenship  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  
Chapter 12. Ethics in a Global Society
The Dangers of Globalization and the Challenges of Ethical Diversity  
Developing Cross-Cultural Ethical Competence  
Chapter Takeaways  
Application Projects  


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  • Testbank
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Lecture note
  • Sample course syllabi
  • Case notes
  • Teaching strategies
  • Video links
  • Chapter-specific discussion questions.  ?

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