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On India

On India
Self-image and Counter-image

First Edition
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April 2013 | 188 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
On India: Self-image and Counter-image looks at the philosophical and religious as well as the sociopolitical forces that are at work in the Indian cultural soil shaping multiple aspects of the lives of millions. The principal focus is on some images construed both by insiders and outsiders reflecting various aspects that are relevant for comprehending India. The essays address two major concerns: one is about how cross-cultural conversation on India should proceed today, noting some of the primary issues and concerns; the other is with regard to whether India has a core cultural image identifiable among the range of competing images, and if so, how to conceptualize its counter-image.

The contributors discuss whether it is possible to arrive at a consensus about the persistent features of the Indian civilization without losing out on the defining characteristic of changing values and norms. The wide canvas of depictions and conceptualizations throw light on the aspirations and ground realities of the geopolitically bounded space called India.

Foreword Karan Singh
Is There a Core Cultural Self-Image of India? Anindita N Balslev
Two Indias: Gandhiji and Modern India J Galtung
Time, Space and Self-Image in Indian Culture Lokesh Chandra
Three Images of India Balmiki Prasad Singh
Cross-Cultural Conversation and Diplomacy Shyam Saran
Politics of Democracy and the Politics of Religion in a Post-Secular Age Ashis Nandy
Reviewing Images of India Madhu Purnima Kishwar
Conceptualising India - the Given and the Borrowed Kapil Kapoor
India as the Other in Partition Literature Sukrita Paul Kumar
Ensuring Harmony in a Pluralistic Society - Role of Government D R Kaarthikeyan
Negotiating Compromises in Cross-Cultural Conversations Dietmar Rothermund
Indias Image through the Lens of Italian Travellers, from 1st Century AD to XX Century Ugo Astuto

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