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New Venture Strategy

New Venture Strategy
Timing, Environmental Uncertainty, and Performance

August 1998 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
'The descriptive insights portray in depth both the pros and cons of specific perspective such that the reader is left with a comprehensive overview of the issue being discussed. Overall, it probably works best as a student textbook.' - Paul Hannon, International Small Business Journal

Examining in detail the whole process of introducing a new product or service, this book provides a framework for thinking through the issues in new venture performance. Topics covered include entry timing, market conditions, focus or breadth of entry scope, product or process mimicry, creation and development of entry barriers, and differences between individual and corporate ventures.

Common Wisdom on the Timing of Entry
Environmental Stability, Timing and New Venture Performance
Educational Capability, Timing and New Venture Performance
Barriers to Entry, Timing and New Venture Performance
Scope of Entry and Degree of Mimicry
Two Factors That Affect New Venture Uncertainty

Competence, Timing of Entry and New Venture Performance
Conclusion and Summary

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