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New Technology-Based Firms in the 1990s

New Technology-Based Firms in the 1990s

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Volume: 1

November 1994 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
New Technology-Based Firms in the 1990s: Volume One is a contemporary, international 'state of the art' view of research in these areas. It will be essential reading for those who have an interest in the innovation and growth problems of high-technology small firms in the mid-1990s. Both the conference from which this book emanates and this first volume of an annual series of books on the evolving theme of high-technology small firm research, are designed to publicize the high-quality work taking place in this academic area. A further intention is to put the development problems of high-technology small firms before an audience wider than the one that attended the original conference. Thus, this

book will not only be of interest to academics, but will also provide practical insights to high-technology small firms management, and to all those at local and national levels within developed economies concerned with the creation and development of high-technology small firms.

R Oakey
Placing the Contributions in Context
R Rothwell
The Changing Nature of the Innovation Process
Implications for SMEs

G J Stockport and A P Kakabadse
New Technology-Based Firms (NTBFs) and Interorganisation Networks
Developing a Conceptual Framework

D J Bower and E Whittaker
Client Communication and Innovative Efficiency in US and UK Biotechnology Companies
P Ugsdorfer
Taxonomy of Management Attitudes towards Bootlegging, Uncertainty
S Caird
Sources of Technological Innovative Ideas and Their Significance for Commercial Outcomes in Small Companies
T Philpott
Banking and New Technology-Based Small Firms
A Study of Information Exchanges in the Financing Relationship

A Lumme, I Kauranen and E Autio
The Growth and the Funding Mechanisms of New Technology-Based Firms
A Comparative Study between the United Kingdom and Finland

D Deakins and T Philpott
Comparative European Practices in the Finance of New Technology Entrepreneurs
United Kingdom, Germany and Holland

C Mason and R Harrison.
The Role of Informal and Formal Sources of Venture Capital in the Financing of Technology-Based SMEs in the United Kingdom
E Garnsey and M Wilkinson
Flexible Specialisation on a Global Basis and the Protection of Intellectual Property
A Problematic Case

K A Harvey
The Impact of Institutional Intellectual Property Policy on the Propensity of Individual UK Universities to Incubate NTBFs
J-T Chiang
Technology and Intellectual Property Strategies of Taiwan's Semiconductor Firms
Implications for International Product Life Cycle Model
J S Metcalfe
Technology Policies and Small Firms
An Evolutionary Perspective

M Laranja
How NTBFs Acquire, Accumulate and Transfer Technology
Implications for Catching-Up Policies of Less Developed Countries such as Portugal

J Hauschildt and R Steinkhler
The Role of Science and Technology Parks in NTBF Development
M J Manimala
Policies and Founder Characteristics of New Technology-Based Firms (NTBFs)
A Comparison between British and Indian Firms

D Keeble
Regional Influences and Policy in New Technology-Based Firm Creation and Growth

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