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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
A Practical Guide to Preventative Practice

September 2022 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: A Practical Guide to Preventative Practice, by Gary Schaffer, makes it easy to decipher this important framework for delivering evidence-based interventions to improve students’ learning, behavior, and social-emotional outcomes. This text focuses on the common elements of the intervention service delivery models comprising Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to offer step-by-step guidance for each stage of the process. Covering MTSS from a “whole child” perspective, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support empowers current and future educators to set up learners for the greatest success in school and beyond.

This book simplifies the MTSS model using an overall analogy of the four basic steps to building a house. We start with the foundation as the history of MTSS, the walls as the four main intervention service delivery models, the framework as common components that link all delivery models, and then the roof that represents MTSS as a whole. 

Diagrams, checklists and flowcharts accompany each step of the MTSS model to organize and summarize the information on each model. Case studies offer practical, in-depth examples of implementation strategies across models within MTSS. Unique sections on data-based decision making and infusing culturally responsive practices into RTI, SWPBS, Social-Emotional RTI, and Suicide Prevention and Intervention offer readers ways to better adapt and refine their implementation of MTSS. Through this text, readers will have a convenient resource that will save them time locating information on interventions, measures of universal screening, and progress monitoring unique to each intervention service delivery model within MTSS.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to MTSS and Intervention Service Delivery Models
Chapter 2: The Four Pillars of the MTSS “House”
Chapter 3: Response to Intervention
Chapter 4: School-wide Positive Behavior Support
Chapter 5: Social-Emotional RTI
Chapter 6: Suicide Prevention and Intervention
Chapter 7: Overcoming Challenges to MTSS Implementation
Chapter 8: Roles and Responsibilities under MTSS
Chapter 9: Implementation of MTSS in Alternative Settings
Appendix A: Response to Intervention
Appendix B: School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Flowchart
Appendix C: Social-Emotional RTI Flowchart
Appendix D: Suicide Prevention and Intervention Flowchart
Appendix E: All Intervention Service Delivery Models

“It is possibly the most comprehensive book about how to implement MTSS in the schools I have seen. It goes beyond the four pillars and builds an entire house,” ­– Anna Fritts, Ph.D., Gonzaga University and the Washington Education Association

Anna Fritts
Gonzaga University and the Washington Education Association
Draft review 2

 “A text focused on MTSS including PBIS, RtI, and Social Emotional Learning with updated information about implementation of MTSS and the barriers to its success,” – Kelli Henson, Ph.D Nicholls State University

Kelli Henson
Nicholls State University
Draft review 2

I think there are definitely components of this text that are not captured in others. This adds something to what other, comparable texts provide. The discussion questions and case examples also would pair nicely with class engagement, which are also not included in other texts that I have used in the past. I think it is a good overall discuss of MTSS conceptually,” – Sarah Harry, Ball State University

Sarah Harry
Ball State University
Draft review 2

“Well formatted text for student to get a frame of the trajectory of multi-tiered systems and their profound importance,” – Tammy J Ladwig, UW Oshkosh

Tammy J Ladwig
UW Oshkosh
Draft review 2

“This is a text that describes the foundation of MTSS. It provides a brief overview of the policy landscape before discussing the foundational principles of MTSS. After doing this, it describes the core features of MTSS for both academic, behavioral, and social emotional issues. This text provides examples of how to provide support for students at various tiers while determining whether or not services were effective at reducing problems,” – Kristine Camacho, Worcester State University

Kristine Camacho
Worcester State University
Draft review 2

“I would describe this book to a colleague in my department as being a source repleted with visuals such as diagrams, flowcharts, etc., to help support content related to the MTSS System. It's an amazing source!” – Dr. Janet Grier, Associate Professor Brenau University

Janet Grier
Brenau University
Draft review 1

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