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Microfinance India

Microfinance India
State of the Sector Report 2011

First Edition
  • N. Srinivasan - Independent researcher, journalist and consultant, New Delhi

January 2012 | 192 pages | SAGE India
Microfinance India: State of the Sector Report 2011 presents the growth of the microfinance sector in India in its entirety. It offers in-depth, well-researched and thoroughly analysed evidence on how the sector has made an impact at various levels of the economy and society. The report provides most recent statistical data relating to the sector's growth and expansion across models. It highlights perspectives on current issues and documents new interests, new investments and innovations in the sector. The report collects information from authoritative sources, studies and reports on the sector and field studies on specific developments of interests. It also brings perspectives from key policy makers through exclusive interviews.

Highlighting on more topical themes, this year's report begins with an overview of the microfinance sector, which faced significant problems during 2010-11. It then evaluates the performances of the SHG and MFI models and discusses thematic issues such as social performance management and financial inclusion in detail. The Andhra Pradesh events have been covered in depth in an exclusive chapter. The newly launched National Rural Livelihoods Mission has been critically examined for the first time in this year's report.

As the best reference book on the annual trends and progress of the Indian microfinance sector, this report is a must for every microfinance practitioner.

Foreword Vipin Sharma
Overview: Despair to Hope

Self-Help Group Bank Linkage Programme: Early Signs of a New Thrust

Micro-Finance Institutions: Slow Recovery from a Disaster

Andhra Pradesh: Dream Turns Nightmare

Investment Climate: Fairweather Partners

Social Performance Management: Beyond Responsible Finance and Customer Protection

Policy Environment and the Regulation: Hard Times Ahead

National Rural Livelihoods Mission: Will It Go beyond Finance?

Financial Inclusion: March of the Banks

Global Trends in Micro-Finance

Future: Beginning Again?


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