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The Little Quick Fix Series


Doing a student research project at University? Stuck? Not confident?

Little Quick Fixes are small, inexpensive books that tackle specific areas of your research project or dissertation. LQFs help you learn, re-learn or revise key research skills, answering questions such as:


How do I get started with my research project?

How do I run a survey for my research paper?

How can I understand statistics or probability in research?

How do I turn my literature review into an essay?


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Key Features

Affordable at just £6.99 each

 Lively, ultra-modern design

1 hour read. Easy to dip in & out of with clear navigation.

Direct written style gets to the point with clear language. No fluff.

Learning is reinforced through a 2-minute overview summary with checkpoints after each section; Including 3-second summaries with a quick Q&A for problem-solving, self-directed learning and self-assessment.

DIY tasks to create your own plan: get what's needed to know that you're moving forward.



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Choosing the right Little Quick Fix

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You may be good at the bigger picture stuff, but not good with numbers. On the other hand, you might be great with technical skills, but lacking a sense of direction in your project.

Click on the grouping that best sums up the area you need help with:



Little Quick Fixes for key statistical concepts  


Little Quick Fixes for structuring your research project    


Little Quick Fixes for gathering your own data         






"The books help to break down the all the complicated jargon and literature and simply highlight all the ‘need to know’ without all the waffle[...]and you can follow the guides over and over again for each future project" 

Danielle, PhD student.  


"This semester is my first time having to go through the official research proposal process, and it was a little terrifying! So having this book (and the Little Quick Fix: Research Question) available was super helpful. It really helps you get over that initial "What the heck am I even going to DO?!?!

Amazon Reviewer


"Beautifully written, chock-full of key information, in a jargon-free but never condescending way"

Amanda Haste, NCI


"This would save many sleepless nights and tears”    

Terry Freedman, Computing in Education, reviewing "Research Question"



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