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Legends in Marketing: Yoram 'Jerry' Wind

Legends in Marketing: Yoram 'Jerry' Wind

First Edition
Eight Volume Set
Edited by:

February 2014 | 3 140 pages | SAGE India
The Legends in Marketing series captures the essence of the most important contributions made in the field of Marketing in the past hundred years. It reproduces the seminal works of the legends in the field, which are supplemented by interviews of these legends as well as by the opinions of other scholars about their work. 

The series comprises various sets, each focusing on the multiple ways in which a legend has contributed to the field. This set in the series, consisting of 8 volumes, is a tribute to Yoram 'Jerry' Wind. Wind is internationally known for pioneering research on organizational buying behavior, market segmentation, conjoint analysis, and marketing strategy.

Yoram 'Jerry' Wind is the Lauder Professor or Marketing; Academic Director, The Wharton Fellows Program; and Director, SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, USA. Professor Wind is one of the most cited authors in marketing. He is a regular contributor to the professional marketing literature, with 22 books and more than 250 research papers, articles and monographs on marketing strategy, marketing research, new product and market development, consumer and industrial buying behavior and international marketing. He is the recipient of numerous academic awards, including the four major marketing awards: the Charles Coolidge Parlin Award (1985), AMA/Irwin Distinguished Educator Award (1993), the Paul D. Converse Award (1996), and the Buck Weaver Award (2007).  His 2004 book, The Power of Impossible Thinking: Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your Business, draws on the latest research in neuroscience to explain how a person's mental models can distort perceptions, creating both limits and opportunities. He consults with major firms around the world, provides expert testimony in many intellectual property and antitrust cases, and has lectured in over 50 universities worldwide.

This series has been edited by Jagdish N. Sheth, who is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University, USA. He is widely known for his scholarly contributions in the fields of consumer behaviour, relationship marketing, competitive strategy, and geopolitical analysis. A prolific author and recipient of various awards and scholarships, Professor Sheth has worked for many industries and companies in the US, Europe and Asia. This set includes:

Volume 1: Organizational Buying Behavior
Editor: Robert J Thomas

Volume 2: Consumer Behavior
Editor: Barbara Kahn and Robert Meyer 

Volume 3: Product and New Product Management
Editor: Vijay Mahajan
Volume 4: Marketing Strategy
Editor: Dave Reibstein 

Volume 5: Market Segmentation
Editor: David Bell

Volume 6: Global Marketing
Editor: Arun Jain  

Volume 7: Marketing Research and Modeling
Editor: Vithala R Rao

Volume 8: The Future of Marketing
Editor: George Day
Volume 1: Organizational Buying Behavior
Robert J. Thomas
Volume Introduction: Yoram (Jerry) Wind—Building the Foundation of Organizational Buying Behavior
Organizational Buying Processes

The Determinants of Industrial Buyer's Behavior
A General Model for Understanding Organizational Buying Behavior (with Frederick E. Webster, Jr.)
Emerging Models of Organizational Buying Processes (with Francesco M. Nicosia)
Drivers of Organizational Buying Behavior

Industrial Source Loyalty
A Reward-Balance Model of Buying Behavior in Organizations
Industrial Buying as Organizational Behavior: A Guideline for Research Strategy (with Frederick E. Webster, Jr.)
The Organizational Buying Center

Organizational Buying Center: A Research Agenda
The Boundaries of Buying Decision Centers
The Linking Pin Role in Organizational Buying Centers (with Thomas S. Robertson)
Industrial Market Segmentation

Industrial Market Segmentation (with Richard Cardozo)
Industrial Market Segmentation under Conditions of Intra-Organizational Heterogeneity
Industrial Market Segmentation Under Conditions of Intra-Organizational Heterogeneity
Segmenting Industrial Markets (with Robert J. Thomas)
Creative Insights on Markets of Organizations

Market-Based Guidelines for Design of Industrial Products (with John F. Grashof and Joel D. Goldhar)
Organizational Psychographics and Innovativeness (with Thomas S. Robertson)
Organizational Cosmopolitanism and Innovativeness (with Thomas S. Robertson)
Evolving Futures in Organizational Buying Behavior

On the Study of Industrial Buying Behavior: Current Practices and Future Trends (with Frederick E. Webster, Jr.)
Blurring the Lines: Is There a Need to Rethink Industrial Marketing?
Organizational Buying Behavior in an Interdependent World (with Robert J. Thomas)
Perspectives of Other Scholars

Wesley J. Johnston
The Influence of Jerry Wind on Organizational Buying Behavior
Arch G. Woodside
Perspectives on Yoram Wind’s Contributions to Organizational Buying Behavior
Robert E. Spekman
Organizational Buying Behavior: Where We Have Been and Where We Need to Go
A Conversation with Yoram ‘Jerry’ Wind
Volume 2: Consumer Behavior
Barbara E. Kahn and Robert J. Meyer
Volume Introduction: Yoram Wind—Research on Consumer Behavior
T he Study of Individual Differences in Behavior Based on Psychographic and Lifestyle Measures

Incongruency of Socioeconomic Variables and Buying Behavior
Life Style Analysis: A New Approach
A Note on Measurement of Social-Psychological Belief Systems (with Paul E. Green and Arun K. Jain)
Some Conceptual, Measurement, and Analytical Problems in Life Style Research (with Paul Green)
On the Usage of “Modified” Personality Trait Measures in Consumer Research (with Kathryn E.A. Villani)
Reflections on Creativity and Relevance of Consumer Research
The Study of Relations among Preference Measures and Methods

A Comparison of Three Brand Evaluation Procedures (with Joseph Denny and Arthur Cunningham)
On the Measurement of Purchase Data: Surveys versus Purchase Diaries (with David Lerner)
Intentions to Buy as Predictors of Buying Behavior (with Susan P. Douglas)
On the Relationship between Knowledge and Preference (with Michael DeVita)
The Study of Choice Processes for Menus and Product Bundles

Consumer Menu Preference: An Application of Additive Conjoint Measurement (with Paul E. Green and Arun K. Jain)
Benefit Bundle Analysis (with Paul E. Green and Arun K. Jain)
Courtyard by Marriott: Designing a Hotel Facility with Consumer-based Marketing Models (with Paul E. Green, Douglas Shifflet and Marsha Scarbrough)
Preference Measurement of Item Collections (with Paul E. Green and Arun K. Jain)
The Study of Social Influence and Group Decision Making

Multiperson Influence and Usage Occasions as Determinants of Brand Choice
On the Interface Between Organizational and Consumer Buying Behavior
Examining Family Role and Authority Patterns: Two Methodological Issues (with Susan P. Douglas)
Sociology of Consumption and Trade-off Models in Consumer Public Policy (with Francesco M. Nicosia)
Preference of Relevant Others and Individual Choice Models
Francis S. Bournes’s ‘Retrospective Comment’ on 'Group Influence in Marketing
Perspectives of Other Scholars

John Deighton
Jerry Wind: Mentoring a Doctoral Student in Consumer Behavior
Arun K. Jain
Dr. Jerry Wind: The Professor I Knew
David Schmittlein
Jerry Wind: My Colleague at Wharton
Barbara E. Kahn and Robert J. Meyer Interview Yoram (Jerry) Wind
Volume 3: Product & New Product Management
Vijay Mahajan
Volume Introduction: Product and New Product Management
Product and New Product Management

Product Policy, Marketing and Corporate Management
Integrating Financial Portfolio Analysis with Product Portfolio Models (with Vijay Mahajan)
An Analytic Hierarchy Approach to the Allocation of Resources within a Target Product/Market/Distribution Portfolio (with Daniel Gross)
Designing Product and Business Portfolios (with Vijay Mahajan)
On the Use of Attitude Research in Product Policy (with Tyzoon Tyebjee)
Toward a Change in the Focus of Marketing Analysis: From a Single Brand to an Assortment
Positioning Analysis and Strategy
Got Emotional Product Positioning? There’s More to Positioning Than Just Features and Benefits (with Vijay Mahajan)
Synthesizing New Ideas for New Product Development

New-Product Diffusion From Theory to Practice (with Vijay Mahajan and Eitan Muller)
Issues and Opportunities in New Product Development (with Vijay Mahajan)
New Product Models: Practice, Shortcomings and Desired Improvements (with Vijay Mahajan)
New Product Development Process: A Perspective for Reexamination (with Vijay Mahajan)
New Product Forecasting Models: Directions for Research and Implementation (with Vijay Mahajan)
Marketing Hype: A New Perspective for New Product Research and Introduction (with Vijay Mahajan)
Innovation Diffusion Models of New Product Acceptance: A Reexamination (with Vijay Mahajan)
Generation of New Product Ideas
Perspectives of Other Scholars

Eitan Muller and Arvind Rangaswamy
Yoram Wind on New Products: Synthesizing New Ideas for New Product Development
Glen l. Urban
Introduction to Jerry Wind’s Legend Volume Article On Product Policy
Vijay Mahajan Interviews Yoram ‘Jerry’ Wind
Moving Forward
Volume 4: Marketing Strategy
David J. Reibstein
Volume Introduction: Marketing Strategy—The Contributions of Jerry Wind to Our Understanding of Marketing Strategy
Portfolio Analysis and Strategy

Planning Product Line Strategy: A Matrix Approach (with Henry J. Claycamp)
Stochastic Dominance Rules for Product Portfolio Analysis (with Vijay Mahajan and John W. Bradford)
Marketing Applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (with Thomas L. Saaty)
Product Portfolio Analysis and Decisions
The Product Planning System
Product Planning and the Changing Environment
Marketing Strategy Analysis
Marketing and Business Strategy

Marketing and the Other Business Functions
Marketing and Corporate Strategy
Marketing Strategy: New Directions for Theory and Research (with Thomas S. Robertson)
Preemptive Strategies
Customerization: The Next Revolution in Mass Customization (with Arvind Rangaswamy)
Marketing as an Engine of Business Growth: A Cross-Functional Perspective
Empirical Generalizations in Marketing (with Frank M. Bass)
Marketing Strategy Models (with Gary L. Lilien)
The Future of Marketing

Convergence Marketing (with Vijay Mahajan)
Challenging the Mental Models of Marketing
The Network Imperative: Community or Contagion? (with Paul Kleindorfer)
International Marketing

Comparative Methodology and Marketing Theory (with Susan Douglas)
Old-Line Manufacturing Needs Better Marketing
Perspectives of Other Scholars

George S. Day
Jerry Wind’s Contributions To Marketing Strategy
Dominique M Hanssens
Jerry Wind’s Contributions to Empirical Generalizations in Marketing
Christine Moorman
Jerry Wind: The Tale of a Marketing Strategy Legend
David Reibstein Interviews Yoram ‘Jerry’ Wind
A conversation with Jerry Wind
Volume 5: Market Segmentation
David R. Bell
Volume Introduction: Yoram Wind—Research on Market Segmentation
Segmentation Strategy as a Driver of Business Strategy

Interproduct Household Loyalty to Brands (with Ronald E. Frank)
Going to Market: New Twists for Some Old Tricks
Issues and Advances in Segmentation Research
Risk Return Approach to Product Portfolio Strategy (with Richard N. Cardozo)
Segmentation Analytics and Implementation of Segmentation Schemes

A New Procedure for Concept Evaluation
Analytic Hierarchy Process for Generation and Evaluation of Marketing Mix Strategies (with Elizabeth F. Dunn)
Product-Marketing Planning Models: Concepts, Techniques, and Needed Development
A Model for the Analysis of Asymmetric Data in Marketing Research (with Richard A. Harshman, Paul E. Green and Margaret E. Lundy)
An Empirical Comparison of Standardized Portfolio Models (with Vijay Mahajan and Donald J. Swire)
Segmentation as a General Principle

Implications for Marketing Management of the Buyclass Framework (with Patrick J. Robinson)
An Organizational Buying Behavior Model (with Frederick E. Webster)
Implications for Marketing Strategy (with Frederick E. Webster)
Toward Empirical Generalizations on Industrial Market Segmentation (with Robert J. Thomas)
Industrial Product Diffusion by Market Segment (with Thomas S. Robertson and Cynthia Fraser)
Market Segmentation (with David R. Bell)
Customer-Driven Segmentation and Self-Selection to Segments of One

Customerization: The Next Revolution in Mass Customization (with Arvind Rangaswamy)
The Centaur Awakens (with Vijay Mahajan and Robert Gunther)
Convergence Marketing Strategies (with Vijay Mahajan and Robert Gunther)
A Marketing Perspective for Competitive Strategy
Got Emotional Product Positioning? There’s More to Positioning Than Just Features and Benefits (with Vijay Mahajan)
Perspectives of Other Scholars

Jehoshua Eliashberg
Jerry Wind, Market Segmentation, and Marketing
Sunil Gupta
A Tribute to Jerry Wind
Gary Lilien
Jerry Wind, B2B Segmentation, and the Ten Commandments Syndrome
David R. Bell Interviews Yoram ‘Jerry’ Wind
Segmentation Strategy as Business Strategy: Implementation, Context, and Trends
Volume 6: Global Marketing
Arun K. Jain
Volume Introduction: Research on Global Marketing
Understanding Globalization of the Marketplace

The Myth of Globalization (with Susan P. Douglas)
Environmental Factors and Marketing Practices (with Susan P. Douglas)
On the Meaning of Comparison: A Methodology for Cross-Cultural Studies (with Susan Douglas)
Cross Cultural Analysis of Consumer Behavior
Some Issues in International Consumer Research (with Susan Douglas)
Comparative Consumer Research: The Next Frontier? (with Susan P. Douglas)
Identifying Global Market Opportunities

International Market Segmentation (with Susan P. Douglas)
Selection of Global Target Markets: A Decision Theoretic Approach (with Susan Douglas and Patrick LeMaire)
Multinational Tradeoff Segmentation (with Patrick J. Robinson)
Implementing Global Marketing Strategies

Guidelines for Developing International Marketing Strategies (with Susan P. Douglas and Howard V. Perlmutter)
Research for Multinational Product Policy
International Portfolio Analysis and Strategy: The Challenge of the 80s (with Susan Douglas
Developing Marketing Expert Systems: An Application to International Negotiations (with Arvind Rangaswamy, Jehoshua Eliashberg and Raymond R. Burke)
Window to the Future

Pace-Setting 21st Century Enterprises: A Glimpse of What Might Emerge (with Robert Holland, Alfred P. West, Jr., and Robert Gunther)
Marketing Strategy in the Global Information Age
Network Orchestration for a Flat World: Preparing for a Future of “Defining Moments” at Li & Fung
The Invisible Global Market (with Vijay Mahajan and Marcos V. Pratini De Moraes)
Targeting Global Markets: Guidelines to Meet the Marketing Challenge
The Globalization of Management Education: Options, Trade Offs, and an Agenda for Implementation (with Barbara S. Thomas)
Perspectives of Other Scholars

Roger J. Calantone
Yoram Jerry Wind—A Commentary on His Work in Global Marketing Opportunities
C. Samuel Craig
Setting the Path: Reflections on Yoram (Jerry) Wind’s Contributions to Global Marketing
Johny K. Johansson
Jerry Wind’s Window to the Future
Roger A. Layton
Jerry Wind: The Global Marketing Scholar
Arun K. Jain Interviews Yoram (Jerry) Wind
Volume 7: Marketing Research and Modeling
Vithala R. Rao
Volume Introduction: Jerry Wind’s Contributions to Market Research and Modeling
Experimentation as a Marketing Research Tool
Marketing by Experiment
Multivariate Analysis of Variance in Research on the Effectiveness of TV Commercials (with Joseph Denny)
Assessing the Impact of Patent Infringement on New Product Sales (with Vijay Mahajan and Subhash Sharma)
Preference Measurement (Conjoint Analysis)

New Way to Measure Consumers’ Judgments (with Paul E. Green)
Conjoint Analysis of Price Premiums for Hotel Amenities (with Stephen M. Goldberg and Paul E. Green)
Thirty Years of Conjoint Analysis: Reflections and Prospects (with Paul E. Green and Abba M. Krieger)
Buyer Choice Simulators, Optimizers, and Dynamic Models (with Paul E. Green and Abba M. Krieger)
Marketing Research in the Courtroom: A Case Study Shows How Analytical Methods Can Be Applied to the Law (with Abba M. Krieger and Paul E. Green)
Application of Econometric Methods

A Customized Market Response Model: Development, Estimation, and Empirical Testing (with Vithala R. Rao and Wayne S. DeSarbo)
A Friction Model for Describing and Forecasting Price Changes (with Wayne S. DeSarbo, Vithala R. Rao, Joel H. Steckel and Richard Colombo)
M ultivariate Data Analysis Methods

Behavioral Methods (with Vithala R. Rao and Paul E. Green)
Marketing and Social Networks (with Phipps Arabie)
Analyzing Free-Response Data in Marketing Research (with Paul E. Green and Arun K. Jain)
Product Positioning and Market Segmentation

Segmentation: Accomplishments, Issues and Challenges of the Global Information Age
Product Positioning: An Application of Multidimensional Scaling (with Patrick J. Robinson)
Overlapping Clustering: A New Method for Product Positioning (with Phipps Arabie, J. Douglas Carroll and Waybe DeSarbo)
The Perception of a Firm’s Competitive Position
Other Approaches

Higher Order Factor Analysis in the Classification of Psychographic Variables (with Paul E. Green and Arun K. Jain)
Analytical Approach to Marketing Decisions in Health-Care Organizations (with Lawrence K. Spitz)
A Knowledge-based System for Advertising Design (with Raymond R. Burke, Arvind Rangaswamy and Jehoshua Eliashberg)
Perspectives of Other Scholars

Naresh K. Malhotra
Reflections on the Contributions of Professor Jerry Wind to Marketing Research and Modeling
Howard R. Moskowitz
New Way to Measure Consumers’ Judgments
Joel H. Steckel
Jerry Wind: A Man Ahead of His Time
Vithala R. Rao Interviews Yoram (Jerry) Wind
Volume 8: The Future of Marketing
George S. Day
Volume Introduction: Jerry Wind on the Future of Marketing—Tracing the Evolution of His Thinking
Perspectives on Marketing’s Role in the Organization

The Marketing Concept Revisited: A Decade Recap of Its Development and Meaning (with Thomas F. Schutte)
Marketing and the Other Business Functions
The Marketing Challenge
Symbiotic Innovation: Getting the Most Out of Collaboration (with Robert J. Thomas)
Marketing Oriented Strategic Planning Models
On the Identification of Frontier Issues in Multinational Marketing (with Howard Perlmutter)
The Ten Commandments of Marketing
Forces for Change

Marketing in the Year 2000
The Challenge of Digital Marketing (with Vijay Mahajan)
Challenging the Mental Models of Marketing
Don’t Walk In, Just Log In! Electronic Markets and What They Mean for Marketing (with Arvind Rangaswamy)
Significant Issues for the Future: Some Additional Perspectives (with Blair Little, Knut Holt, Derek E. Till and Christopher A. Voss)
The Customer’s Demands (with Jeremy Main)
Rethinking the Role of Marketing

A Plan to Invent the Marketing We Need Today
Rethinking Marketing: Peter Drucker’s Challenge
Is Marketing Academia Losing Its Way? (with David J. Reibstein and George Day)
Absorbing the Customer (with Jeremy Main)
The 5 C’s of Convergence Marketing (with Vijay Mahajan and Robert E. Gunther)
Portfolio Orchestration: Towards a New Advertising Model (with Catherine Gardner)
Toward a New Marketing Paradigm
Perspectives of Other Scholars

Philip Kotler
Jerry Wind: A Renaissance Man
David J. Reibstein
Jerry Wind on the Future of Marketing
Frederick E. Webster Jr.
The Fox or the Hedgehog?
George S. Day Interviews Yoram (Jerry) Wind

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