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Learn English

Learn English
A Fun Book of Functional Language, Grammar, and Vocabulary

Second Edition
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October 2018 | 512 pages | SAGE Texts

A one-book army that will demolish your fear of and troubles with English!

If you wish to improve your English but don’t know where to begin, try reading this book. Learn English is a complete package that presents the fundamentals of the English language in an enjoyable, reader-friendly style.

From basic sentences to complex grammatical forms, from essential English words to modern business vocabulary, and from common errors to elements of style, this book covers them all! As you work through the book, you will find answers to your questions in easy-to-understand, informal language.

The book is specifically aimed at South Asians who face similar challenges while learning English. With contexts and stories they can easily relate to, this book offers insights into English in a fun way. It will help you speak and write English with clarity and confidence.

This book:

• Can an be used either by self-learners or in a classroom

• Is based on modern concepts of second language acquisition

• Deals with linguistic challenges and cultural aspects from a South Asian perspective

Acknowledgements for the First Edition
Acknowledgements for the Second Edition
The Rules of the Game
Secret Mantras for Assured Success
Communication and Language
Words and Sentences
Language and Style
Different Classes of Words
Sentence Patterns
Test 1: Reviewing the Basics
Let’s Talk About the Present
Everyday Activities and Universal Truths
I am Fine, How Are You?
Special Test: Vocabulary around Occupations
Talking about Yourself
Talking about Others
Asking Questions
Counting Things
A School of Fish Or Group Nouns
Where Are You Going, My Pretty Maid?
We Eat …
Test 2: Present Tenses
To the Past, on a Time Machine
Ordinary Verbs, Helping Verbs
Three Forms of Verbs
The Film Has Already Started …
We’ve Been Studying English
To the Past, on a Time Machine
I Was in Hyderabad
I Was Sleeping when My Boss Walked In
The Runaway Bride
He Had Been Saving All His life
The Great Plains, the Grand Canyon
Test 3: The Blast That Wasn’t (A Test on Describing the Past)
The Future and a Little More
Talking about the Future
I’ll be Travelling Next Saturday
The Future Is Perfect
Academic Language
Test 4: Can We Review the Future?
When Verbs Are Not Alone
Rani Loves Dancing
In Japanese, Ikiru Means to Live
Verbs + Prepositions: Were You Waiting for This Book?
Phrasal Verbs: Don't Drop Off as You Read This
More Phrasal Verbs
Test 5: Joe Was Shocked to Find His Wallet Empty
Nuts and Bolts of the English Language
A, An, or The?
Nuts and Bolts of the English Language
Talking about Time
More on Prepositions
Test 6: New Zealand Burglar with a Conscience
Part 7: Some Practical and Useful Language
I Can Speak English Fluently
Suggestions and Permissions
Talking about Possible Future Events
Possibilities Now …
We Should, We Must, We’ve Got To …
The Versatile Would
Wish You Good Luck
Test 7: Modal Verbs
Language “Clear as Sunlight, Crisp as Sand”
“How Green Was My Valley”
A Big Brown Furry Dog
Comparing Cats with Dogs
Unfortunately, Bullet Singh Slipped Away
How Hot Is Your Tea?
Speaking: She, Her, Herself, Hers
More Spoken Language and Pronouns
Test 8: Adjectives, Adverbs, and Pronouns
From Simple to Complex Language
Clauses Can Be Relative
The Adhesive Called Relative Pronoun
Conditions and Results
Tom Sawyer Is Dying
If Lara Dutta Had Married Brian Lara
Reporting Another Person’s Words
Was Majnu Loved by Laila?
Test 9: Complex Sentences? They Are Simple!
Part 10: Let’s Talk Business
Business Vocabulary: An Introduction
Business Communication Is Changing
International English
End Game, Although the Game Never Ends
Appendix A: Irregular Verbs
Key to Practice Tasks and Tests


Learn English is an elixir for those who do not have the opportunity to learn English in schools or from good teachers. For them a book like Learn English enables them to learn the language through self-learning. … The author has shown a new horizon to all English learners and teachers. This is a serious and great contribution to our society.

Bharmar Choudhury 2019
(Retired HOD of the English Department, Government Women's College, Patna)

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