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John Hattie's Visible Learning and the role of assessment

Ed Talks SAGE Education Douglas Fisher Visible Learning and assessment

In this short video, Douglas Fisher co-author of
Visible Learning for Literacy and Visible Learning for Mathematics talks about the importance of knowing what students currently understand, determining learning goals, having multiple assessments in place, and using those assessments to guide instruction through all phases of learning—surface, deep, and transfer. 

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More about Visible Learning for Literacy

Ensure students demonstrate more than a year’s worth of learning during a school year! Renowned literacy experts Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey work with John Hattie to apply his 15 years of research, identifying instructional routines that have the biggest impact on student learning, to literacy practices. These practices are “visible” because their purpose is clear, they are implemented at the right moment in a student’s learning, and their effect is tangible. Through dozens of classroom scenarios, learn how to use the right approach at the right time for surface, deep, and transfer learning and which routines are most effective at each phase of learning.

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More about Visible Learning for Mathematics

It’s not about which mathematics strategy to use—it’s about when to use it! Rich tasks, collaborative work, number talks, problem-based learning, and more…how do we know which ones work the best? Using both current mathematics research and John Hattie’s ground-breaking 15-year study, six acclaimed educators show you which instructional strategies to use at each phase of the learning cycle—surface, deep, and transfer—to help you design powerful, precision teaching.

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