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It’s Never Just ADHD

It’s Never Just ADHD
Finding the Child Behind the Label

February 2024 | 216 pages | Corwin UK

We are never just a label, much like a child with ADHD is never just an ADHD child either.

Labels often encourage us to interpret and define our students' behaviours through the narrow lens of the dominant culture. A culture that encourages conformity and places blame on the individual when they can’t or won’t comply with its expectations. Drawing from lived experience and expertise educational consultant and host of Neurodivergent Narratives Podcast, Sandra Coral, offers educators a resource that will help widen the lens for understanding students with ADHD. It’s also not just a book about ADHD symptoms, strategies, and accommodations either. It’s so much more than that, much like the ADHD children that you know, care about, and work with every day.

Chapter 1: "He's so Defiant!" - Darnell's Story
Chapter 2: "They're just quiet" - Emma and Henry's Stories
Chapter 3: "She cries over everything!" - Ameera's Story
Chapter 4: "He never does anything you tell him to" - Dhruv's Story
Chapter 5: "He can't do anything by himself!" - Simon's Story
Chapter 6: "She's the perfect student" - Ji Yeon's Story
Chapter 7: "He just won't sit still!" Diego's Story
Chapter 8: "Is he - they even old enough to decide on pronouns?" - Alex's Story

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