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Introduction to International Education

Introduction to International Education
International Schools and their Communities

September 2006 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This is a book for all who work in international education or want to understand more about a rapidly expanding sector. For those who are new to the field it provides an excellent introduction.

To tackle such varied subjects... needed a professional of wide expertise, wisdom and clarity of composition. These Mary Hayden, with her vast experience of international education and research, provides... highly recommended' - is (International Schools Magazine)

'Essential reading for everyone involved in international education' - International Schools Worldwide

'The first thing to be said about this informative book is that it's a good read! I found myself enjoying every page as the author has a writing style that is engaging and instructive...The book has something for everyone, from those experienced in the field of international education to interested novices' - International Schools Journal

Interest in the field of international education has never been more intense, and a rapidly expanding number of schools and organizations worldwide now offer curricula that claim to be international in nature. Written by an expert in the field of international education, this comprehensive guide examines the key themes of this evolving field.

The book explores the various origins, definitions and classifications of international education, and considers the audiences it serves, including the students, teachers, parents and administrators. It also looks at issues including quality assurance and role of international schools in the future.

This valuable book will be an excellent source of reference to academics, those engaged in postgraduate study and practising teachers.

International Education: the Context
International Schools
International Schools and Parents
International School Students: Who They Are
International Schools and Globally-Mobile Students: The School Experience
International Schools and Teachers
International Schools and Administrators
International Schools and the Board
International Schools: the Curriculum
International Schools: External Influences
Future Roles for International Schools

'Essential reading for everyone involved in international education' - International Schools Worldwide

'This may well become the seminal primer for anyone looking for an overview of the field'. Journal of Research in International Education

Excellent primer for learners to engage in International Education.

Dr Duncan Cross
Education , University of Bolton
July 19, 2016

This is an engaging book which explores some of the complex issues involved within international education. The globally mobile student is a particularly interesting chapter as it sets out to explore the international school experience. Readership ranges from undergraduate to postgraduate students who are exploring or engaging in research related to issues of international educating students.

Miss Rebecca Bolan
Education, Carshalton College
February 13, 2014

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