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International Issues in Social Work and Social Welfare

International Issues in Social Work and Social Welfare
Selections From CQ Researcher

December 2009 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
International Issues in Social Work and Social Welfare is a collection of readings from CQ Researcher on various topics relating to Social Work in a global context. The articles will be of great supplemental value for professors looking to infuse international issues into a variety of courses in the social work curriculum, including: Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, Human Behavior in the Social Environment (Macro theory), Social Policy, and International Social work. It will also be useful in courses on multicultural and cross cultural counseling.

The article selections are as follows:

• Human Trafficking and Slavery

• Child Soldiers

• Women's Rights

• Rapid Urbanization

• Aiding Refugees

• Disaster Preparedness

• Wounded Veterans

• Religious Fundamentalism

• Energy Liberalism

• Oceans in Crisis

• Arian Flu

• Anti Americanism

Annotated Contents
David Masci
1. Human Trafficking and Slavery: Are the World's Nations Doing Enough to Stamp It Out?
John Felton
2. Child Soldiers: Are More Aggressive Efforts Needed to Protect Children?
Karen Foerstel
3. Women's Rights: Are Violence and Discrimination Against Women Declining?
Jennifer Weeks
4. Rapid Urbanization: Can Cities Cope With Rampant Growth?
John Felton
5. Aiding Refugees: Should the U.N. Help More Displaced People?
Pamela Prah
6. Disaster Preparedness: Is the U.S. Ready for Another Major Disaster?
Peter Katel
7. Wounded Veterans: Is America Shortchanging Vets on Health Care?
Brian Beary
8. Religious Fundamentalism: Does It Lead to Intolerance and Violence?
Peter Behr
9. Energy Nationalism: Do Petrostates Threaten Global Energy Security?
Colin Woodard
10. Oceans in Crisis: Can the Loss of Ocean Biodiversity Be Halted?
Sarah Glazer
11. Avian Flu Threat: Are We Prepared for the Next Pandemic?
Samuel Loewenberg
12. Anti Americanism: Is Anger at the U.S. Growing?

Consideration for child welfare course

Dr Leonora Foels
Social Work Dept, Millersville University
January 2, 2014

This is a very interesting read and one which covers a wide range of issues relevant to social work. Although the book's focus is international social work the issues raised also provide context for considering key issues in the UK today. Although I have adopted this book for working with students in relation to practice and widening their thoughts on social work issues I have no doubt I will also be using it when discussing social policy.

Dr Ann Hodson
Social Work, Dundee University
March 7, 2012

This book is full of extremely relevant & up -to date information of use accross all three levels of the degree, 4, 5 & 6. We were lacking a textbook which was comprehensive, contemporanous & easy to interpret so essential reading for all 100 plus L6 s this year.

Ms Dilva Porter
CHYPPE, University Campus Suffolk
April 19, 2011

Insufficiently academic for my purposes

Ms Esther Coren
Sociology , Canterbury Christ Church University
February 16, 2011

I was particularly struck by the books wide focus with regards to womens rights and also religious fundamentalism. The book appears to sign post to other areas of reading and research and would be a valuable teaching and study tool.

Mr Colin Rones
social work, University of Portsmouth
March 14, 2010

Sample Materials & Chapters

1. Human Trafficking and Slavery

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