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International Education

International Education
Three-Volume Set

Three Volume Set
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March 2016 | 1 096 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

International Education is a relatively new area of academic study but it is evolving rapidly due to the growth and development of overseas campuses and international curricula, at both school and university levels. International Education can be viewed as an ‘umbrella-term’ linking a number of cognate areas including globalization, global citizenship and cosmopolitanism. In this landmark collection, leading scholars present the key theories and models of practice in International Education through a selection of seminal articles and chapters from around the globe.

Volume One: Nature and Meaning of International Education

Volume Two: Current Issues in Promoting International Education in National and Regional Contexts

Volume Three: Current Issues in Promoting International Education in Global Contexts




Understanding International Education through Discourse Theory: Multinational, International, Multicultural or Intercultural?

Michael Allan
The Internationalization of Higher Education: Motivations and Realities

Philip Altbach and Jane Knight
International and Comparative Education: Boundaries, Ambiguities and Synergies

Mark Bray
Internationalism and Globalization as Contexts for International Education

James Cambridge and Jeff Thompson
Bridges to the Future: The Global Landscape of International Higher Education

Darla Deardorff, Hans de Wit and John Heyl
Research in International Education

Nadine Dolby and Aliya Rahman
International Schools and International Education: A Relationship Reviewed

Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson
Evolution of Education for International Mindedness

Ian Hill
Cosmopolitanism as Cultural Capital: Exploring the Intersection of Globalization, Education and Stratification

Hiroki Igarashi and Hiro Saito
Internationalization Remodeled: Definition, Approaches, and Rationales

Jane Knight
Education for Global Citizenship: Reflecting upon the Instrumentalist Agendas at Play

Harriet Marshall
Soft versus Critical Global Citizenship Education

Vanessa Andreotti
Comparative and International Education: A Journey toward Equality and Equity

Nelly Stromquist
Framing the Map of International Education (1969–1998)

Robert Sylvester
The Uses of Globalization in the (Shifting) Landscape of Educational Studies

Paul Tarc
Challenges and Pitfalls Facing International Education in a Post-International World

Nicholas Tate
The Search for Better Ways of Speaking about Culture, Identity and Values

Richard Pearce
Difference and Conflict in Global Citizenship in Higher Education in Canada

Vanessa Andreotti, David Jefferess, Karen Pashby, Cash Rowe, Paul Tarc and Lisa Taylor
Taking Forward the IB Diploma in India: Context and Challenges

Gillian Ashworth
International Education and the Employability of UK Students

Rachel Brooks, Johanna Waters and Helena Pimlott-Wilson
The Momentum behind the International Primary Curriculum in Schools in England

Tristan Bunnell
The Appeal of the International Baccalaureate in Australia’s Educational Market: A Curriculum of Choice for Mobile Futures

Catherine Doherty
Perspective Shifts and a Theoretical Model Relating to Kaigaishijo and Kikokushijo, or Third Culture Kids in a Japanese Context

Rieko Fry
International Education Policies and the Boundaries of Global Citizenship in the US

Christopher Frey and Dawn Whitehead
Desert Dreams in the Gulf: Transnational Crossroads for the Global Elite

Jerry Harris
Shifting Patterns of the Government’s Policies for the Internationalization of Korean Higher Education

Kiyong Byun and Minjung Kim
Internationalizing Higher Education in Thailand: Government and University Responses

Pad Lavankura
Leadership Challenges in International Schools in the Asia Pacific Region: Evidence from Programme Implementation of the International Baccalaureate

Moosung Lee, Philip Hallinger and Allan Walker
Singapore’s Global Education Hub Ambitions: University Governance Change and Transnational Higher Education

Ka Ho Mok
Debating Globalization and Education after September 11

Fazal Rizvi
Reconsidering Regionalisation in Global Higher Education: Student Mobility Spaces of the European Higher Education Area

Robin Shields
A Practical and Reflexive Liberal-Humanist Approach to International Mindedness in International Schools: Case Studies from Malaysia and Brunei

Laurence Tamatea
Immobile Transnationalisms? Young People and Their in situ Experiences of ‘International’ Education in Hong Kong

Johanna Waters and Maggi Leung
Economic Development and the Market Place for Education: Dynamics of the International Schools Sector in Shanghai, China

Yoko Yamato and Mark Bray
Internationalization of Secondary Education – Lessons from Israeli Palestinian-Arab Schools in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Miri Yemini
The International Education Industry: An Introductory Framework for Conceptualising the Potential Scale of an ‘Alliance’

Tristan Bunnell
Twenty-Five Years on – From Cultural Studies to Intercultural Citizenship

Michael Byram
Global Product Branding and International Education

James Cambridge
Global League Tables, Big Data and the International Transfer of Educational Research Modalities

Michael Crossley
International Socialization of Young People: Obstacles and Opportunities

Kenneth Cushner
Third Culture Kids: The Global Nomads of Transnational Spaces of Learning

M. Hayden
International Education and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Conrad Hughes
It’s a Long Way Down: The Underlying Tensions in the Education Export Industry

Simon Marginson
International Education: A Tertiary-Level Industry Update

Vikash Naidoo
Sustaining the Higher Education Hub Model: The Challenge of Adequate Academic and Social Support Structures for International Students

Cameron Richards and Mohd Aziz
Global Capitalism Theory and the Emergence of Transnational Elites

William Robinson
‘I Want to Be Global’: Theorising the Gentrifying Class as an Emergent Élite Global Community

Matthew Rofe
Culture as a Configuration of Learning: Hypotheses in the Context of International Education

Lodewijk Van Oord
Cosmopolitanism as a Form of Capital: Parents Preparing Their Children for a Globalizing World

Don Weenink
Developing Skills for Youth in the 21st Century: The Role of Elite International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Schools in China

Ewan Wright and Moosung Lee
Internationalizing Curriculum: Framing Theory and Practice in International Schools

Michael Wylie

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