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Indian Youth in a Transforming World

Indian Youth in a Transforming World
Attitudes and Perceptions

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Peter Ronald DeSouza - Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India
  • Sanjay Kumar - Director, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), New Delhi
  • Sandeep Shastri - Director, Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education, Bangalore

June 2018 | 208 pages | SAGE India
This book comprises the first nationwide study based on face-to-face interviews with 5000 youth to capture the popular mood of this important demographic segment of contemporary India. It records their perceptions of various issues, ranging from modernity, development, globalization and unemployment, to leisure and lifestyle, social networks and family, and their hopes and aspirations for the future. While it breaks some myths about them, on one hand, it helps strengthen some commonly shared perceptions about them, on the other.

Indian Youth in a Transforming World: Attitudes and Perceptions underlines that Indian youth reflect an authentic multiplicity of aspirations, 'world views' and interest, quite like the rich tapestry of India's diversity. It indicates that they are a mix of continuity with change. However, they stand distinct in many ways from the youth the world over. This book is also likely to break some myths related to the youth, opening avenues for new debates. For example, the study reveals that there is hardly any decline in interest in politics between two generations.

The book would be invaluable for professionals in advertising and other media sectors and all those involved in market research. Students and teachers of specialized psychology courses, behavioural sociology, political sociology, social change and modernization will also find it useful.

The Big Story
Executive Summary
Through the Lens of Indian Youth: An Overview
Trust and Circles of Belonging
Family and Social Networks
Leisure and Lifestyle
Politics and Democracy
Governance and Development
Nation and the World
Anxiety and Aspiration

"Based on face-to-face interviews with 5,000 Indian youths about their views on various aspects of their lives, country, problems, aspirations, and many other topics, this fascinating book offers seven well-written chapters including 'Family and Social Networks,' 'Leisure and Life Style,' 'Politics and Democracy,' and 'Nation and the World'."

R. N. Sharma
Monmouth University

A big thank you to the editors and pub­lishers of the volume for putting this im­portant study the public domain, and let's make a new year wish that we will have internally-generated funding to do more of this kind of work that will help us both in business strategy and in public policy, to understand ourselves better, and shape the future better.

The Economic Times

A riveting read for anyone attempting to understand Young India, the volume pans across the country to present an interesting picture of the beliefs and activities of the youth…This is one of those books you’ll underline heavily. It will stay relevant till something better comes about.

Mail Today

This book steps into the breach by providing excellent data collected  by the Centre for developing Societies in 2007 on the opinions of young people aged 14 to 34 from different parts of India…. The analysis and book as a whole is remarkably readable and easy to use, with a thumbnail sketch of interesting overall findings near the beginning and also a more formal executive summary. Raw data are helpfully set out in voluminous appendices.

Pacific Affairs

The book is an easy read, not least because of the useful deployment of many pie-charts and graphs in every page…. Sage has brought to the study excellent packaging, with glossy covers and high paper and print quality…. It is the first nationwide study to systematically interview large numbers of young people. It provides interesting snapshot information on how the modernity-tradition interface pans out in youth attitudes and perceptions. The book would probably most benefit advertising professionals or market researchers.

Sociological Bulletin

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