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Humanity Over Comfort

Humanity Over Comfort
How You Confront Systemic Racism Head On

December 2021 | 160 pages | Corwin

Increase your racial equity capacity for transformational change

The years 2020 - 2021 will be remembered for COVID-19 and racial injustice. COVID illuminated long-standing structural inequities. Increased media focus on police brutality helped fuel a protest movement that underscored the urgency of the moment. In schools, non-profits, and various business sectors, conversations about race and institutional racism are becoming increasingly common. However, most of these conversations are performative and do little to disrupt the status quo. The authors of Humanity Over Comfort aim to move beyond the transactional response of using only conversations to respond to structural inequalities. Alternatively, the authors advance tools that promote transformational change that eliminates the access and opportunity gaps for Black and Brown individuals. Written to cultivate awareness that increases racial equity capacity, this book will help readers

  • Understand historical context and the influence of racism in shaping reality
  • Engage in reflections that connect learning to personal experience 
  • Understand the Conscious Anti-Racist Engendering Framework (CARE), which draws from adult learning theory to build community in organizations
  • Leverage one’s span of control to implement practices that incrementally work to dismantle systems of oppressions
  • Direct their increased capacity towards dismantling racially predictable policies and practices

Transactional responses to racism perpetuate marginalizing narratives and outcomes and do little to support the humanity of a community, including White members. This book will guide readers towards transformational change to build a system that supports the restoration of our collective humanity.

How to Use This Book
Part I. Beginning the Journey
Chapter 1: Race Matters Because Racism Does
Chapter 2: Building Community by Reimagining New Possibilities
Chapter 3: Confronting Blame by Reframing Accountability
Part II. Leaning into the Learning
Chapter 4: Power and Influence
Chapter 5: Invisibility and Other Barriers to Engaging in the Work of Anti-Racism Structural Transformation
Part III. Curating Transformation
Chapter 6: Creating Space for Productive Struggle
Chapter 7: Application of Equity Lens for System Change
Chapter 8: Building to Transformation through Collective Application
Chapter 9: Final Thoughts

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