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Hierarchical Linear Models

Hierarchical Linear Models
Applications and Data Analysis Methods

Second Edition

January 2002 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Popular in its first edition for its rich, illustrative examples and lucid explanations of the theory and use of hierarchical linear models (HLM), the book has been updated to include: an intuitive introductory summary of the basic procedures for estimation and inference used with HLM models that only requires a minimal level of mathematical sophistication; a new section on multivariate growth models; a discussion of research synthesis or meta-analysis applications; aata analytic advice on centering of level-1 predictors, and new material on plausible value intervals and robust standard estimators.
Series Editor 's Introduction to Hierarchical Linear Models
Series Editor 's Introduction to the Second Edition
2.The Logic of Hierarchical Linear Models
3. Principles of Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Hierarchical Linear Models
4. An Illustration
5. Applications in Organizational Research
6. Applications in the Study of Individual Change
7. Applications in Meta-Analysis and Other Cases where Level-1 Variances are Known
8. Three-Level Models
9. Assessing the Adequacy of Hierarchical Models
10. Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
11. Hierarchical Models for Latent Variables
12. Models for Cross-Classified Random Effects
13. Bayesian Inference for Hierarchical Models
14. Estimation Theory
Summary and Conclusions
About the Authors

"The text is authoritative, well laid out, and extremely readable. For the target audience, this book is highly recommended."

Short Book Reviews- Publication of the International Statistical Institute

"This book is very well written and the applied part is well balanced with technical details. I think that it will be useful not only for social and behavioral researchers but also for applied statisticians, practitioners and students analyzing data with hierarchical-type structures"


"The book is clearly written, well organized, and addresses an important topic. I would recommend this book to the readers of Personnel Psychology. If you want to learn more about these techniques, the new advances, the controversial points, potential links between HLM and meta-analysis, structural equations modeling, item response theory, and so forth , this book is a feast."

Robert G. Jones
Southwest Missouri State University
Personnel Psychology Book Review Section

"This book makes good use of examples to introduce readers to HLM and the issues surrounding their application. In fact, I think the book does a wonderful job by using lots of examples with lots of details. This is definitely one of its strengths as it makes it much easier for the reader to follow the text and understand the capabilities of the HLM approach. This Second Edition should come highly recommended. I think it gives a very good and thorough overview of HLM, and it does so in a manner that is easy to follow."

Organizational Research Methods

Excellent and self-exploratory book

Mr Fatih Koca
July 3, 2013

Great text. This really is the rosetta stone of multilvel modeling.

Dr Henry May
School Of Education, University of Delaware
September 12, 2012

Required for phd students who use the ecological approach and plan to analyze data with nested structure(s)

Dr Marie-Claude Jipguep
Sociology Anthropology Dept, Howard University
December 29, 2011

Great text for teaching and understanding multilevel modeling. It's technical, thus having a good grasp on statistics will be helpful for readers.

Professor Joy Gayles
Adult Community Coll Ed Dept, North Carolina State University
July 8, 2010

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