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Heidegger and the Roots of Existential Therapy

Heidegger and the Roots of Existential Therapy

January 2002 | 164 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`Hans Cohn has given us a personal and valuable statement about the theoretical underpinnings of his work as a psychotherapist. These can be little doubt about his contribution to our thinking practice is invaluable. Students will find Cohn's easygoing exposition of complex ideas enormously helpful' - Professor Emmy van Deurzen, Existential Analysis

`One of the most important books published this year. This long-awaited book by the foremost expert on the relationship between Heidegger and psychotherapy, manages to encapsulate the essence of Heidegger's thinking and make of understandable and relevant to therapists without losing any of the original meaning' -

Anyone interested in modern philosophy is familiar with the name of Martin Heidegger but there is a serious gap in even the most complete accounts of his life and thought. This is Heidegger's association with, and influence on, psychotherapy.

Hans C Cohn explores the role of Heidegger's thought in providing an alternative basis for psychotherapeutic practice to the dominant psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive approaches, also focusing strongly on the practical therapeutic relevance of Heidegger's ideas. This book will be essential reading for students and teachers of modern philosophy, as well as existential psychotherapists, and all practitioners interested in existential approaches to therapy.

Why Heidegger?
Heidegger's Way to Psychotherapy
Existence as Being-In-The-World
Existence as 'Being-With'
Language as 'Being-With'
Existence as 'Body-Mind'
Existence's 'Attunement'
Existence as Temporality
The Priority of the Phenomena
Being and Beings
The Question of Authenticity
Throwness and Choice
Heidegger's Understanding of Existence
An Overview

Towards an Existential Therapy

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