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Health Promotion at the Community Level

Health Promotion at the Community Level
New Advances

Second Edition

January 1999 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Like the First Edition, this book serves as a guide to the science and art of

community health promotion. The last decade of research and development has

considerably advanced the science of achieving and maintaining health. In this new edition,international contributors share their experiences and expertise about diverse health promotion and point out areas needing adjustment in community implementation, both on an international and domestic level.

Maurice Mittelmark
Health Promotion at the Community-Wide Level
Lessons from Diverse Perspectives

Beti Thompson
Social Change Theory
Applications to Community Health

Christopher Rissel and Neil Bracht
Assessing Community Needs, Resources and Readiness
Building on Strengths

Neil Bracht, Lee Kingsbury and Christopher Rissel
A Five-Stage Community Organization Model for Health Promotion
Empowerment and Partnership Strategies

John Finnegan
Mass Media and Health Promotion
Lessons Learned with Implications for Public Health Campaigns

Phyllis Pirie
Evaluating Health Promotion Programs
Basic Questions and Approaches

Beti Thompson
Durability of Community Intervention Programs
Definitions, Empirical Studies and Strategic Planning

Knut-Inge Klepp
Maintaining Preventive Health Efforts in Developing Countries
AIDS in Africa

Bridget Hsu-Hage
Asian and Western Pacific Approaches to Health Promotion
Current Opportunities and Programs

John Gunnar Maeland
Health Promotion Developments in the Nordic and Related Countries
Abel Arvisu Whittemore and Janet R Buelow
Health and Health Promotion in Latin America
Lee Kingsbury
Emerging Public and Private Health Sector Partnerships
Selected USA Experiences


"This volume offers substantial help to those interested in the community approach to health promotion. It reflects the considerable knowledge gained in the past 10 years. It outlines principles and practical advice concerning important aspects of organizing for community wide health promotion. This new edition makes a valuable contribution to the field." 

Lester Breslow, MD, M.P.H.
UCLA, School of Public Health

An excellent book covering all the basic required for my students

Mr Steven Martin
Institute of Public Health, Cambridge University
July 4, 2013

I have added this book to the student reading list
The first two chapters dealing with health promotion and social change theory are clear and the illustration given help support the discussions well

Neill Redmond
Primary and Intermmediate Care, King's College London
November 11, 2010

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