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Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice

Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice

Second Edition
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June 2013 | 576 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Transnational crime and justice will characterize the 21st century in same way that traditional street crimes dominated the 20th century. In the Handbook of Transnational Crime and Justice, Philip Reichel and Jay Albanese bring together top scholars from around the world to offer perspectives on the laws, crimes, and criminal justice responses to transnational crime. This concise, reader-friendly Handbook is organized logically around four major themes: the problem of transnational crime; analysis of specific transnational crimes; approaches to its control; and regional geographical analyses. Each comprehensive chapter is designed to be explored as a stand-alone topic, making this Handbook an important textbook and reference tool for readers and practitioners alike.
PART I: The Problem of Transnational Crime
Mitchel P. Roth
1. Historical Overview of Transnational Crime
Harry R. Dammer, Philip L. Reichel and Ni He
2. Comparing Crime and Justice
Rosemary Barberet
3. Measuring and Researching Transnational Crime
PART II: Transnational Crimes
Matthew S. Jenner
4. Drug Trafficking as a Transnational Crime
Mike Bourne
5. International Trafficking in Weapons
Kristiina Kangaspunta and Marco Musumeci
6. Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods
Russell G. Smith
7. Transnational Cybercrime and Fraud
Andrea Di Nicola
8. Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants
Katalin Parti
9. Transnational Sex Crimes
Raymond Michalowski and Ronald Kramer
10. Transnational Envrionmental Crime
Jan van Dijk and Toine Spapens
11. Transnational Organized Crime Networks
Leonardo Borlini
12. The Economics of Money Laundering
Gus Martin
13. Terrorism and Transnational Organized Crime
Grant Niemann
14. International Criminal Law and International Crimes
PART III: Transnational Crime Control
Slawomir Redo and Michael Platzer
15. The United Nations Role in Crime Control and Prevention
Matti Joutsen
16. International Instruments on Cooperation in Responding to Transnational Crime
Gorazd Meško and Robert Furman
17. Police and Prosecutorial Cooperation in Rsponding to Transnational Crime
Aaron Fichtelberg
18. Adjudicating International Crimes
Emil W. Plywaczewski and Wojciech Filipkowski
19. Combating Transnational Crime Under the Rule of Law: Contemporary Opportunities and Dilemmas
John Winterdyk and Anne Miller
20. Transnational Issues Related To Corrections
Matti Joutsen
21. A View From the Trenches: The Reality of International Cooperation
PART IV: Regional Analysis
Mark Shaw
22. Organized Crime in Africa
Richard H. Ward and Daniel J. Mabrey
23. Organized Crime in Asia and the Middle East
Klaus von Lampe
24. Organized Crime in Europe
Mary Fran T. Malone and Christine B. Malone-Rowe
25. Organized Crime in Latin America
James O. Finckenauer and Jay S. Albanese
26. Organized Crime in North America
Roderic Broadhurst, Mark Lauchs, and Sally Lohrisch
27. Organized Crime in Oceania

"Editors Reichel and Albanese have compiled a volume of essays by experts in the field, which brings together an exemplary range of perspectives on these crimes and international efforts to cope with them....Intended as both a textbook and a reference work, this second edition continues to provide the best single starting point for an overview of the field. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through professional collections."

D. McIntosh
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

"In conclusion, the handbook represents a central contribution to the current literature on transnational crime and justice. The authors succeeded to produce a readable, well-structured, and up-to-date material that can be used as a textbook in courses focusing on transnational crime, organized crime, or international criminal justice issues. In addition, this comprehensive and rigorous work provides a valuable guide to transnational crime research and may serve as a reference point not only for scholars but also for practitioners seeking current information on transnational crime and possible ways to prevent or combat illicit activities conducted by organized criminal groups that extend their operations across national borders."  

International Criminal Justice Review (2014).

A good survey of the territory and current thinking in organised crime. My students have found it helpful and reference it often

Dr Bryn Caless
Law and Criminal Justice Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University
January 26, 2015

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