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Handbook of Organization Development

Handbook of Organization Development

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January 2008 | 728 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of Organization Development reflects the field of organizational development's rapid growth and success since its inception 50 years ago into a far more diffuse and complex study than it was just a few decades ago. It shows how organizational development has expanded from the need to help organizations cope with internal social problems, to a broader attempt to address more strategic issues of firm structure and competitive advantage in a global environment.

The Handbook provides a synthesis of new methods and perspectives from diverse areas far removed from organizational development's psychological origins, including management, economics, sociology, personnel, information systems and international relations. International contributors are included, reflecting similarities and differences from around the world.

Thomas Cummings
CHAPTER 1 Introduction
Part I: The Nature of Organization Development
W. Warner Burke
CHAPTER 2 Contemporary View of Organization Development
Edgar H. Schein
CHAPTER 3 From Brainwashing to Organizational Therapy: An Essay on the Evolution of a Model of Change Dynamics
Chris Argyris
CHAPTER 4 Learning in Organizations
Robert E. Quinn and Scott Sonenshein
CHAPTER 5 Four General Strategies for Affecting Change in Human Systems
Manfred Kets de Vries and Katharina Balazs
CHAPTER 6 Where is the Beef? A Clinical Perspective on Organizational Consultation and ChangeInquiry
Part II. The Organization Process
David W. Jamieson and Christopher G. Worley
CHAPTER 7 The Practice of Organization Developmen
Peter Reason and Kate Louise McArdle
CHAPTER 8 Action Research and Organization Development
Craig C. Lundberg
CHAPTER 9 Organization Development Diagnosis
Jean M. Bartunek, John R. Austin, and Myeong-Gu Seo
CHAPTER 10 The Conceptual Underpinnings of Intervening in Organizations
J. Richard Hackman and Amy C. Edmondson
CHAPTER 11 Groups as Agents of Change
Richard W. Woodman, John B. Bingham, and Feirong Yuan
CHAPTER 12 Assessing Organization Development and Change Interventions
Part III: Organization Interventions
Human Process Interventions
Peter B. Vaill
CHAPTER 13 Process Wisdom ? The Heart of Organization Development
R. Wayne Boss and Mark L. McConkie
CHAPTER 14 Team Building
Ronald E. Purser and Thomas J. Griffin
CHAPTER 15 Large Group Interventions: Whole System Approaches to Organizational Change
Techno-Structural Interventions
Frans M. van Eijnatten, A.B. (Rami) Shani, and Myleen M. Leary
CHAPTER 16 Socio-Technical Systems: Designing and Managing Sustainable Organizations
Gretchen M. Spreitzer and David Doneson
CHAPTER 17 Musings on the Past and Future of Employee Empowerment
Jay R. Galbraith
CHAPTER 18 Organization Design
Human Resource Interventions
Edward E. Lawler III
CHAPTER 19 Strategic Human Resources Management
Ayse Karaevli and Douglas T. Hall
CHAPTER 20 The Role of Strategic Career Development in Achieving Organizational Effectiveness: A Multilevel Model
Strategic Interventions
Larry Greiner
CHAPTER 21 Integrating OD with Strategic Planning: Closing the Approach/Methods Gap
Michael Beer
CHAPTER 22 Transforming Organizations: Embrace the Paradox of E and O
Kim Cameron
CHAPTER 23 A Process for Changing Organizational Culture
David A. Nadler
CHAPTER 24 Organization Development at the Top of the Enterprise
George Roth
CHAPTER 25 The Order and Chaos of the Learning Organization
A. B. (Rami) Shani and Peter Docherty
CHAPTER 26 Learning by Design: Key Mechanisms in Organization Development
Susan A. Mohrman
CHAPTER 27 Designing Organizations to Lead with Knowledge
Part IV: Special Applications of Organization Development
Robert T. Golembiewski and Gene A. Brewer
CHAPTER 28 The Status of OD in Public Administration: Another Case of Practice Being Ahead of Theory
Ernesto J. Poza
CHAPTER 29 Organization Development in Family-Owned and Family-Controlled Companies
Dexter Dunphy
CHAPTER 30 Sustainable Organizations
L. David Brown, Mark Leach , and Jane G. Covey
CHAPTER 31 Organization Development for Social Change
Rajesh Tandon
CHAPTER 32 Organization Development in Non Governmental Organizations:
Rupert F. Chisholm
CHAPTER 33 Developing Interorganizational Networks
David M. Boje and Mark E. Hillon
CHAPTER 34 Transorganizational Development
Warren Bennis
CHAPTER 35 Reflections on Organization Development

"Cummings has assembled an organization development dream team to provide an overview of the field, fully mature as a discipline and practice, and ever evolving beyond its origins in psychology...Complete with a name and subject index, this volume is significant in relevance and gravitas, unveiling the hard-fought wisdom of the theorists and practitioners who shaped, and are shaped, by the dynamic work of managing change in organizations. A veritable one-stop resource on the topic of organization development—its history, process, practices, and pitfalls."

G.E. Leaf
Spokane Community College

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