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Handbook of Families and Health

Handbook of Families and Health
Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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August 2005 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This unique Handbook presents a wide range of chapters representing state-of-the-art summaries of research related to couple, marital, and family influences on health. In addition, coverage includes issues related to public policy, healthcare financing, and the conduct of funded research related to families and health.

Coverage is broad with contributions from academics across a variety of disciplines. A major goal is to highlight common issues, concerns, and goals across diverse fields and the benefits of bringing multiple perspectives to bear on these issues. A significant portion of the handbook is also devoted to interventions to improve family health in such areas as genetically transmitted diseases, illnesses of childhood, chronic illness, caregiving, and medical family therapy.

Karen Weihs & Mary Politi
1. Family Development in the Face of Cancer
Timothy W. Smith & Kelly M. Glazer
2. Hostility, Marriage and the Heart: The Social Psychophysiology of Cardiovascular Risk in Close Relationships
Barbara A. Zsembik
3. Health Issues in Latino Families and Households
Janet A. Deatrick, Melissa A. Alderfer, George Knafl, & Kathleen Knafl
4. Identifying Patterns of Managing Chronic Conditions: Family Management Styles
Sharon Wallace Williams & Peggye Dilworth-Anderson
5. Chronic Disease and African American Families
Lynn Clark Callister
6. The Pain and the Promise of Unfilled Dreams: Infertile Couples
Margo D. Maine
7. Eating Disorders and the Family: A Biopsychosocial Perspective
Kim T. Mueser
8. Families and Major Mental Illness
Arlene L. Vetere & Lynn B Myers
9. Families, Coping Styles and Health
Ronald J. Angel & Jacqueline L. Angel
10. Families, Poverty, and Children’s Health
Debra A. Murphy, William D. Marelich, Dannie Hoffman & Mark A. Schuster
11 Parental HIV/AIDS: An Empirical Model of the Impact on Children in the United States
Marcia Van Riper & Agatha M. Gallo
12. Families, Health, and Genomics
Tom Finucane
13. Treatment Decisions when Death is Near: The Family’s Role
Robert J. Parsons
14. Assessing Eldercare Needs: An Application of Marketing Orientation within the Nonprofit Sector
Beth Vaughn Cole
15. Death, Grief, and Bereavement in Families
Sven E. Wilson
16. Family Centered Health Policy Analysis
William A. Griffin
17. Using agent-based modeling to simulate the influence of family level of stress on disease progression
Geraldine Mineau, Ken R. Smith & Lee L. Bean
18. Historical Demography of Families and Health: Case Examples
V. Jeffery Evans
19. Study of Family Health and the NIH: The Search for Research Support
John S.W. Carpenter
20. Developing Partnerships in Commissioned Research: A Perspective from England
Harvey Hillin
21. Swirling Waters: History and Current Choices for Families to Navigate Health Care Financing
Thomas L. Campbell
22. Improving Health Through Family Interventions
Susan H. McDaniel
23. Does DNA Determine Destiny? A Role for Medical Family Therapy with Genetic Screening/Testing for Breast Cancer and other Genetic Illnesses
Jonathan G. Sandberg
24. Interventions with Family Caregivers
Barbara J. Dale & Jenny Altschuler
25. Facing what Can and Cannot be Said: Working with Families, Parents and Couples when a Parent has a Serious Illness
William J. Sieber, Todd M. Edwards, Gene A. Kallenberg & JoEllen Patterson
26. Maximizing Patients’ Health Through Engagement with Families
Marion E. Broome & Wilma Powell Stuart
27. Interventions with Families of an Acutely or Critically Ill Child
End Note: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Families and Health
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"...Though primarily intended as a source and a review of the literature for scholars and has much to offer clinicians. It should be of particular value to those who work in the areas of chronic medical illness and mental disorders, death and dying, and health care of minority groups and underserved populations... In summary, this is one of the better works in a long line of scholarly compendiums of research and reviews on the relationship among families, health, and health care. The book moves the field along for investigators and policymakers and is of reasonable interest to clinicians."

Thomas L. Schwenk, M.D.
University of Michigan

"Crane and Marshall have edited a rich text of chapters. Geared toward students, researchers, and practitioners from different health-related disciplines, the text brings attention to an understudied and at times undervalued component of healthcare-the family. Major strengths of this book include the range of issues covered, a highly readable writing style (which is often hard to achieve in an edited text), wide representation of different disciplines, and a strong focus on the family as the unit of care. The editing is so skillful that readers will value it as a resource and may find themselves asking at the end, "When it the next edition coming out and how can I get my work included?"

Jennifer Hodgson
East Caroline University

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