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Handbook of Cognition

Handbook of Cognition

Edited by:

October 2004 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Handbook of Cognition provides a definitive synthesis of the most up-to-date and advanced work in cognitive psychology in a single volume. The editors have gathered together a team of world-leading researchers in specialist areas of the field, both traditional and `hot' new areas, to present a benchmark - in terms of theoretical insight and advances in methodology - of the discipline; a thorough overview of the most significant and current research in cognitive psychology that will serve this academic community like no other volume.

Core and established topics such as memory, attention, categorization, perception, and language are considered in depth, and from a fresh perspective, yet three chapters on cognitive neuroscience and two chapters on computational and mathematical modelling are a particularly innovative feature of this Handbook.

The Handbook is divided into the following sections:

Section I: Perception, Attention and Action

Section II: Learning and Memory

Section III: Language

Section IV: Reasoning and Decision-Making

Section V: Cognitive Neuropsychology

Section VI: Modelling Cognition

Coherent, authoritative, international and accessible to both advanced students as well as researchers, the Handbook of Cognition represents a guided tour of the research literature in cognitive psychology and cognitive science. Whether an established researcher in this field, or someone approaching it for the first time at a senior level, this volume will be indispensable reading and a reference for many years to come.

Johan Wagemans, Felix A Wichmann and Hans Op de Beeck
Visual Perception I
Basic Principles

William G Hayward, Michael J Tarr
Visual Perception II
High-Level Vision

Christopher J Plack
Auditory Perception
Claus Bundesen and Thomas Habekost
Yvonne Delevoye-Turrell and Alan M Wing
Action and Motor Skills
Adaptive Behaviour for Intended Goals

Michael E Young and Edward A Wasserman
Theories of Learning
John K Kruschke
Category Learning
David R Shanks
Implicit Learning
Ian Neath and Aimée M Surprenant
Mechanisms of Memory
Alan Garnham
Language Comprehension
James M McQueen
Speech Perception
Alexander Pollatsek and Keith Rayner
Nick Chater, Evan Heit and Mike Oaksford
Craig R M McKenzie
Judgment and Decision Making
Cognitive Neuropsychology

Glyn W Humphreys and M Jane Riddoch
The Cognitive Neuropsychology of Object Recognition and Action
Barbara J Knowlton
Cognitive Neuropsychology of Learning and Memory
Randi C Martin and Denise H Wu
The Cognitive Neuropsychology of Language
Koen Lamberts
Mathematical Modelling of Cognition
In J Myung, Mark A Pitt and Woojae Kim
Model Evaluation, Testing and Selection

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ISBN: 9780761972778

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