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Hacks for Life and Career

Hacks for Life and Career
A Millennial’s Guide to Making it Big

  • Sandeep Das - Director, Management Consulting, Pricewaterhouse Coopers Private Limited (PwC)

November 2020 | 340 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Being a millennial is not easy. While the average millennial struggles with low remuneration and motivation,  there are others who become Instagram influencers and earn oodles of money and fame.
This book aims to provide life hacks that can help millennials face the world professionally and personally. It discusses various topics along the lines of entrepreneurship, self-help, technological disruption and financial literacy. In this holistic guide for today’s millennials, the author breaks down various day-to-day business concepts such as pricing, inflation, GDP and so on. The book also provides a glimpse of industries—FMCG, consulting, e-commerce, banking—to help readers understand the culture and demands of these industries. The book tries to speak to all kinds of millennials, be it the ones starting their slash careers or those beginning a new entrepreneurial venture. Hacks for Life and Career includes tips on managing difficult bosses and colleagues along with life hacks to upsell oneself in a corporate career. It also provides career-related assistance like creating an impactful resume and acing various rounds of job selection. The book answers the often-asked question of whether to pursue an Indian degree or an international degree. And finally, the secret sauce that will help them land that job with a nine-digit salary. 

The book will appeal to millennials who are trying to make a career in corporate India. 
Introduction: So Why Should You Read This Book?
How to Get the Most Out of This Book?
PART I Technology: How Zeros and Ones Are Changing the World!
Our Future
Future of the Grocer
PART II Gurukul: Setting Up the Foundation
GDP: The Sum of All We Do
Inflation: The Beast That Erodes Money
Pricing: What’s the Fuss about?
Elasticity: Am I Really That Sensitive?
Doing a Brand Manager’s Role
Boring but Necessary Numbers
Boring but Necessary Numbers: Part 2
Can You Mathematically Answer Why I Am Putting On Weight
Is This Industry Attractive?
Leveraged Buy Out: The Educated Gambler!
Growth Strategy: Selling a Dream
Game Theory: Selfish or Co-operate?
Vagaries of the Human Mind
Understanding the Net Working Capital Concept to Realize How a Business Is Run
NPV: Focus on the Now
Financial Statements: The King amongst Kings!
Enterprise Value: How Much Do I Need to Pay to Takeover Apple?
PART III Entrepreneurship: Building the Next Big Thing
Building Your Own Unicorn
Why Entrepreneurs Fail
Writing a Business Movie Script
New-Age Slash Careers
Forecasting the Next Decade
PART IV Your Office: Braving the Wilderness of Corporate India
The Feku
Our Famed Work Culture
Great Ways to Exit Your Current Boss
Appearing Smart in Meetings without Having Any Clue
PART V Water Cooler Talk: The Modern-day World Trends
Greatest Financial Crises Over the Last Few Decades
Overcoming the Demand Slowdown
Need to Do Everything
The Lure of Rural India
Minimalism at Work
Chemicals in Good Leaders
Selling Cement-Like iPhones
The Art and Science of Creating Analytics Dashboards
When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do
The Mentalist
The Future of Corporate Governance
PART VI Personal Finance: Managing Your Own Money
A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted
Multiplying Your Money Every Day
PART VII Industry Primers: Learning the Ropes about Your Likely Jobs
FMCG: At the End of the Day, It Is All about Selling Soap
E-commerce: The Online Everything Store
Banking: Modern-Day Shylock, Lend and Earn
Management Consulting: Glitz, Glamor and Drama
Big Brother: How Does the Indian Government Work?
PART VIII Your Career: Getting Your Dream Education and Job
Getting the Maximum Out of Your Business School
Getting Your Dream Job in a Business School
Writing Your Dream Resume
Excelling in a Group Discussion
The Slog Overs
Constructing a High-Profile LinkedIn Page
The Lure of the International MBA
Nailing Your Internship
Immediate Life after a Business School
Self-Sabotaging Social Media Habits
IX Happiness: Longing for a Meaningful Life
Why Should You Read Business Books?
Following a True Calling, Not a Fake Hobby
Stress Free and Productive in Times of a Global Crisis
Learnings from a Trek up to Tiger’s Nest
Finally—10 Commandments to Leading a Meaningful Life!

Sandeep has wittily crafted sound advice for millennials through his humorous narratives. A must-read!

Ashray Siddaiah
Senior Category Manager, Amazon European Union

Sandeep’s new book offers legit advice to millennials on a variety of topics with a dose of sarcasm thrown in.

Madhurranjan Mohan
Tech Lead Manager, Google California

This book is an excellent one-stop shop for key nuggets of business such as digital, gig economy, creativity, hyperinnovation. A must-read.

Amit Agarwal
Cluster Head, Larsen and Toubro

“The book makes for a juicy, informative read, laying a strong foundation to get you where you’re going.” 

The Hindu Business Line, 31 January 2021

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