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Global research ethics and inclusion

For submissions reporting global research, Sage desires that authors have followed the TRUST code and supports the Consensus statement on measures to promote equitable authorship in the publication of research from international partnerships (Morton, B. et al, 2022). Sage strongly recommends including a statement in the methods section describing how their research adheres to the Articles of the TRUST Code. Some journals may require a statement under the separate heading ‘Global research ethics and inclusion’ at the end of your article. This statement should cover the following key points from the Code:

  • Confirm that the research has local relevance and has been designed and conducted in collaboration with local communities. Note that contributors meeting the requirements of authorship as per the ICMJE Guidelines must be listed as authors. Where research has been conducted in low- and middle-income countries in partnership with researchers from higher income countries, it is expected that local researchers are listed in first and/or last authorship positions to reflect the significant contribution made. Joint first and/or joint senior authorship is permitted here.
  • Confirm that local ethics review was sought and if not, explain the reasons why.
  • Where research involvement presented any kind of risk to participants e.g. discrimination, incrimination or risk to personal health and safety, describe the special measures taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of participants that were agreed with local partners.
  • Explain how communication was tailored to the requirements of the local participants in order to ensure informed consent was freely given, and any feedback on findings was accessible and comprehensible to local communities. Describe how any potential cultural sensitivities were explored in advance.
  • Confirm that all research was conducted to the highest possible ethical standards, regardless of the requirements of the local setting.