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Global Modernities

Global Modernities

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June 1995 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Global Modernities is a sustained commentary on the international character of the most microcosmic practices. It demonstrates how the global increasingly informs the regional, so deconstructing ideas like the `nation state' and `national sovereignty'. The spatialization of social theory, hybridization and bio-politics are among the critical issues discussed.
Mike Featherstone and Scott Lash
Globalization, Modernity and the Spatialization of Social Theory
An Introduction

Roland Robertson
Time-Space and Homogeneity-Heterogeneity

Jan Nederveen Pieterse
Globalization as Hybridization
Jonathan Friedman
Global System, Globalization and the Parameters of Modernity
Timothy W Luke
New World Order or Neo-World Orders
Power, Politics and Ideology in Informationalizing Glocalities

Anthony D King
The Times and Spaces of Modernity (or Who Needs Postmodernism?)
G[um]oran Therborn
Routes to/through Modernity
Zygmunt Bauman
Searching for a Centre that Holds
Michael Dillon
Security, Philosophy and Politics
Benno Wagner
Normality - Exception - Counter-knowledge
On the History of a Modern Fascination

Ann Game
Time, Space, Memory with Reference to Bachelard
Oleg Kharkhordin
The Soviet Individual
Genealogy of a Dissimulating Animal

Vikki Bell
Bio-politics and the Spectre of Incest
Sexuality and/in the Family

Eli Zaretsky
The Birth of Identity Politics in the 1960s
Psychoanalysis and the Public/Private Division

Eugene Halton
The Modern Error
Or, the Unbearable Enlightenment of Being


`A timely contribution to current debates around globalization theory and an excellent introduction to this complex and contradictory field of study. Globalization theory has not simply supplanted postmodernism, but has rather refocused many of the issues raised by postmodernism towards a more serious reappraisal of the whole question of modernity itself' - Habitat International

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