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Fundamentals of Social Work Research

Fundamentals of Social Work Research

December 2009 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Fundamentals of Social Work Research is a briefer, but thoroughly re-worked version of the Engel and Schutt's The Practice of Research in Social Work 2e which will provide an engaging text for introductory social work research classes. The Practice of Research in Social Work introduced research methods as an integrated set of techniques to investigate social work practice methods and problems. The brief edition will continue to integrate substantive practice-related examples with research techniques, present ethical decision making as a part of every aspect of the research design process, and infuse content on diversity and populations at risk throughout the text. The format is appropriate for courses in social work research methods which are one quarter or one semester in length.
CHAPTER ONE: Science, Society, and Social Work Research
CHAPTER TWO: The Process and Problems of Social Work Research
CHAPTER THREE: Conceptualization and Measurement
CHAPTER FIVE: Group Experimental Designs
CHAPTER SIX: Single-Subject Design
CHAPTER SEVEN: Survey Research
CHAPTER EIGHT: Qualitative Methods: Observing, Participating, Listening
CHAPTER NINE: Qualitative Data Analysis
CHAPTER TEN: Evaluation Research
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Quantitative Data Analysis
CHAPTER TWELVE: Reporting Research
Appendix A: Finding Information and Conducting Literature Reviews
Appendix B: Questions to Ask About a Research Article
Appendix C: How to Read a Research Article


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Not as well written or as thorough as Essential Research Methods for Social Workers (Rubin).

Dr Nancy Lightfoot
Health , Laurentian Univ
May 17, 2010

relevant, well-organized conent appropriate for undergraduate students. Excellent ancillary materials.

Kathryn Sheridan
College Of Educ Human Services, University of Illinois - Springfield
March 31, 2010

This book does not seem all that different from the other book by Engel & Schutt, The Practice of SW Research that I use in my Research Methods class. It does have a different appendix, but beyond that it doesn't offer anything new or innovation from the other book.

Bruce Deforge
Social Work Dept, University of Maryland Baltimore
November 9, 2009

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