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From Wellbeing to Welldoing

From Wellbeing to Welldoing
How to Think, Learn and Be Well

September 2023 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

'From Wellbeing to Welldoing' is an applied, hands-on book that incorporates wellbeing skills such as mindfulness and resilience into learning practice and critical thinking. 

This mix of well-being, well-learning and well-thinking are all supported by practical, actionable advice, hence the term ‘well doing’. The focus is on allowing you to develop excellent learning practices by using constructive tools to support quality thinking. This is not a book about physical wellbeing with some background context, it is a well-balanced introduction to all of the skills that empower you as a student and encourage success. 

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, this book has the examples and tools that map the needs of the widest interpretation of social science students.

Key features:

  • Practical advice for action, the applied nature of the book and its focus on well-doing.
  • Triangle of well-being, well-learning and well-thinking gives a grounded introduction for you to succeed at university.
  • This book covers a solid mix of soft and academic skills, with a good coverage of learning techniques and tools for your academic success.
  • Important wellbeing subjects all covered, such as ‘physical’, ‘stress’, ‘resilience’, and 'sleep'.
  • Content to jump-start critical thinking skills within the specific context of academia.  
  • Global case studies to show awareness of diversity of experience depending on gender, race, country of study, disabilities and age.
Chapter 1: Getting Started – introducing welldoing
Chapter 2: Pick and Mix Learning – choosing ways of working that work for you
Chapter 3: Change the Record – the tweak approach to change
Chapter 4: Taking the Rough with the Smooth – fluctuating your expectations
Chapter 5: Comfy Learning – managing distractions to make yourself comfortable and ready to learn
Chapter 6: Lost in Translation – capturing information in a way that makes sense to you
Chapter 7: Food for Thought – recipes to make reading and writing a piece of cake!
Chapter 8: The Revision Elevator – give your revision a lift!
Chapter 9: Walking a Tightrope – the safety net approach to thriving rather than surviving when working in a group and/or presenting
Chapter 10: Scaffolds – templates for welldoing

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ISBN: 9781529768923
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