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From First-Year to First-Rate

From First-Year to First-Rate
Principals Guiding Beginning Teachers

Third Edition

March 2007 | 160 pages | Corwin
Praise for the Second Edition:'Finally, a book that is realistic and provides superb assistance. A must for every principal.'ùRonald Jockel, Executive Director, Phi Delta Kappa International'Compelling rationale and practical steps for developing a firstûyear teacher induction program.'ùLinda L. Lyman, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development, Bradley UniversityHelp new teachers be the best they can be!Beginning teachers are often filled with selfûdoubt and questions regarding school culture and principals' expectations. From FirstûYear to First-Rate: Principals Guiding Beginning Teachers, Third Edition helps you answer teachers' questions and gain strategies to prevent the isolation that many new instructors experience.Updated to meet the challenges facing new teachers today, this revision of the bestseller helps administrators develop a firstûyear induction plan to help teachers succeed. This vital resource provides:Ideas for initial orientationStrategies for measuring program successA greater focus on practical applications for the classroom You hold the key to the professional development of your teachers. Use it to unlock their potential for growth!
About the Authors
1. Understanding the Beginning Teacher
The Mature Beginner  
Alternative Certification  
Beginning Teachers From Minority Groups  
Reentry to Teaching  
Experienced Teachers in a New School  
2. Helping Beginning Teachers Face Problems and Barriers
Reality Shock  
Theoretical Knowledge Base  
Administrators and Expectations  
New Kid on the Block  
Classroom Dilemmas  
Addressing Differing Student Needs  
Setup for Failure  
Inferior Working Conditions  
Are You Old Enough to Be a Teacher?  
Nonpublic Schools  
Rural Schools  
3. Acclimating the Beginning Teacher
The Strength of School Cultures  
Socializing the Beginning Teacher  
4. Working With Beginning Teachers: The Role of the Principal
The Power of the Principal  
The Leadership of the Principal  
Why Should Principals Work With Beginning Teachers?  
What Expectations Do Principals Have?  
What Is the Principal's Role With Beginning Teachers?  
What Problems Are Within the Control of the Principal?  
Formative and Summative Evaluation  
Support for the Principal  
How Do Principals Find the Time to Help?  
Assessing Time Spent  
Taking Charge of Your Time  
5. Starting Orientation Before the School Year Begins
The Orientation Phase  
Orientation Meetings: Setting the Stage  
The Role of the Principal in Orientation  
6. Developing a Good Induction Program
What Is Developmental Induction?  
Organizational Structure  
Program Delivery  
7. Building a Teacher-Mentor Support Team
Where Did the Idea of Mentors Originate?  
How Do We Know That Mentoring Works?  
What Are the Benefits of Mentorships?  
Beginning a Teacher-Mentor Program  
The Needs of New Teachers  
The Framework of a Mentor Program  
What Are the Requirements for a Mentor?  
Matching Mentors With Entry-Year Teachers  
The Process of Mentoring  
How Should Mentors Be Oriented?  
Training of Mentors  
Diagnosing Problems  
Conferencing With Beginners  
The Role of Other Faculty  
Administrative Support  
University Consultants  
Program Evaluation  
8. Helping Beginning Teachers With Common Problems
Helping With Specific Problems  
The Principal's Role  
The Teacher's Role--And Ways the Principal Can Help  
9. Measuring Induction Program Success
Needs Assessment  
Year-End Evaluation  
Principals' Self Assessments  
10. Integrating Induction and Career-Long Development
Development That Spans a Teaching Career  
Strategies for Adult Learners  
Meeting the Needs of the Developing Adult  
When Reflection and Renewal Diminish  
Fostering a Culture for Growth  
A Model for Continuous Development  
A Model for Continuous Learning  

"Provides a timely and significant update to the field of new teacher induction, an accurate portait of first-year teachers and their diverse set of needs, and ways principals can support new teachers so they emerge as strong, capable professionals."

Greg Chatlain, Superintendent of Education
Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Saskatchewan, Canada

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